25 Recommend WordPress Plugins

As every WordPresss administrator knows, the basic features of WordPress are a bit limited to what you can do with the program. But, WordPress has a fix for this. There are aftermarket addons know has plugins that can be installed to help you with administering your WordPress site and make your life easier. WordPress plugins […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 30th 2010

Today’s post is only 3 links I found that I wanted to share with everyone. The first link is a list of SEO extensions for Google Chrome.  I am a new user to Google Chrome and I have been a fan since day one. But for development and testing I always use Firefox for all […]

Blogging Tips – Starting a New Blog

Starting a New Blog When starting a blog there are many things to think about. Some of those thoughts are, what should I right about, what blogging system do I use, how do I get traffic to my site and how can I get people to comment on my sites. There are some many different […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 12th 2010

Today Delicious post, is a list of CSS3 tutorials, WordPress hacks, and seven tools to help optimize speed on your website. 10 Best Tutorials To Learn CSS3 | AEXT.NET In the last few years, web design has improved significantly. There are so many tutorials out there to increase the skills capacity web designers and web […]

Floating Twitter Follow Me Badge for Your Site

Today I decided I want to add a floating Twitter Follow Me badge on the right side of the blog wall. After some research, I found that it is pretty simple to add the badge to your website, if you are using a WordPress self hosted site. All you have to do is go the […]

WordPress 2.9.1 Fixes 24 Known Bugs

WordPress 2.9.1 Has Been Released Recently I posted a link to a quick fix in WordPress: How to Fix WordPress Ping Once It Stops Working. This bug was created when WordPress was updated 2.9. About 3 weeks later WordPress released WordPress 2.9.1 to correct issues many WordPress webmasters encountered after upgrading to or installing WordPress […]

Just Installed Cute Profiles

When I visit a website I tend to get turned off by “cluttered” websites. As do most readers do. When designing a blog or website and I need to add icons or buttons for social networking sites, the side bars, post and any header gets to cluttered if you add more than a couple.  While […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 15th 2009

You may have noticed that I started posting my Daily Delicous bookmarts that I have saved throughout the day. The bookmarks I save generally relate to graphic design, web desing, Photoshop, social media, and technology that I find helpful. I do not book everyday. I generally bookmark topics based on what I am researching, or […]

Finally got my new blog setup.

Over the last couple of days, I finally got my second self hosted WordPress Site setup, but with this one, I setup and configured everything manually and w/o help. I am still working on setup the look, plugins and the general look of the site I like. Currently I have the site up at www.evolutionarydesigns.net/blog. […]