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You may have noticed that I started posting my Daily Delicous bookmarts that I have saved throughout the day. The bookmarks I save generally relate to graphic design, web desing, Photoshop, social media, and technology that I find helpful. I do not book everyday. I generally bookmark topics based on what I am researching, or site I find on Twitter and Blog Engage. The best way to know when I post  more bookmarks is to subscribe to to my feeds.

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  • This set of Photoshop brushes is composed of different water effects such as water splashes and waves that you can use in your designs as backgrounds or otherwise for free. These water effects Photoshop brushes are ideal for creating backgrounds since these brushes have high resolution or sizes. Created in Photoshop CS2, these water effects Photoshop brushes have resolution of around 2500 pixels wide and should work with any CS version of Photoshop.
  • 200+ Free Abstract Brushes To Use For Light Effect
  • What a year it has been for Photoshop… so many new techniques, so many fresh ideas and so many new and creative web sites offering free tutorials. In this post we have collected the best of them, focusing on photo manipulation, design and drawing, poster design, caricature design and finally, illustration within Photoshop. We have purposely omitted icon design, text effects and GUI tutorials, these will be following in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for them.
  • In this installment of “Free for All,” I’ll cover just one type of freebie: everyone’s favorite, free fonts! You’ll find script fonts, modern fonts, funky fonts, and more. All told, there are more than 100 free fonts in this one article—enough to keep even the biggest type geek giddily building type spec sheets for weeks!
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  • Viruses are small PC software which can replicate inside the computer guest. The purpose of the infection are various. The virus can destroy data, wipe the MBR of Windows Operating Systems or cause significant computer slowdowns. The viruses have the ability to disseminate to such an extent that they can easily spread into the computer hard disk and from computer to computer by means of network connections. The viruses can spread rapidly through removable drives like: DVD’s, CD’s and USB drives.
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  • WordPress is the most commonly used blogging plateform allowing maximum customization of themes along with other customization of plateform. There are numerous wordpress blog designs and themes available but not all of us know about those collections. Below, listed are some of the huge collection of more than 1100 freely available wordpress themes to enlighten your blog.
  • Developing websites is much more than just a pretty face, and depending on what typed of features you’d like to implement on the site, there’s a lot of coding that goes into it. Many times designers turn to a WYSIWYG tool, however tools of that sort are more limited to advanced code. Being able to code a site using a variety of tools lets you simplify the coding process while you take a big bite out of saving time.

    Below we’ve hand picked 20+ Tools for Quick & Clean Code Development that will help you code much faster and in an efficient manner.

  • Do you have a business card? How about a vCard? Not to long ago a exceptional interface design called Tim Van Damme decided to make an online business card. A website that says a little about him, the sites he has accounts on how to contact him. With a beautiful design and slick animations, Tim inspired many to create their own vCards. Today, I have showcased 44 vCard designs that I hope inspire you to make your own! If you have one and it is not included in this list, leave a comment, I would love to see it!
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  • Most of us have heard of UBCD4Win which gives you a Windows like interface on a boot CD. In fact, I have used it in a few of my tutorials here on Technibble. UBCD4Win is great but what if you need to do some more low level work such as testing the RAM, doing a low level format or testing the condition of a hard drive? This is Where Ultimate Boot CD (dos version) comes in.

    UBCD assembles over 100 PC hardware diagnosis tools into one bootable CD. It boots up very quickly (about 2 seconds on my machine) and provides a menu to many DOS based diagnostic tools tools such as:

  • Everyone already knows and loves Firebug and Web Developer. So instead of another redundant “Top 10″ list, here’s a collection of 15+ great add-ons that you might not have heard about yet.
  • We’ve featured hundreds of free Windows applications over the course of 2009 that we hoped might bolster your productivity, workflow, or your PC usefulness in one form or another. Here’s a look back at the most popular Windows downloads of the year.

    As with 2008’s most popular free Windows downloads, keep in mind that the apps featured here are chosen by the popularity of the associated post we published in 2009. Many were new, some were improvements to already loved apps, and others were simply new-to-us. Here’s a quick look back at the 19 or so most popular Windows downloads of 2009:

  • More and more designers spend their time creating new amazing typographies. And this job requires you to view, organize and manage a large collection of fonts, which are the essential materials, on your computer. In fact, your operating system are lack of utilities help your manage your fonts effectively and most well known utilities now on the market are from 3rd companies. In this post, I make a roundup about most useful and free tools for this job.
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  • Blog designs certainly can by complex, colourful and overwhelming and many free themes for WordPress belongs to that category. Some bloggers on the other hand prefer simple and clean layouts for their blog leaving more space for the text itself to be in focus. If you should go for a minimalistic theme is really up to you to decide but if you’re considering this post will give you the inspiration needed and may help you find the theme you are looking for.
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  1. Extreme John says:

    I was all over this the minute I recieved my email from Hoot Suite, I think this might actually help My Space get a little more interaction going on. Maybe recapture a little more of the pie they once had.
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  2. Hootsuite is the bomb! It's far better than TweetDeck and they keep adding stuff seems like every week. I haven't tried Foursquare yet though. Check out my tutorial if you haven't seen it already. Thanks for the news.

    My recent post HootSuite Tutorial Video


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