A Faster More Efficient Way to Read Your Blogs

As an active internet surfer and addict of social media, I have large collection of blogs I read almost everyday. In the last few months, due sites like Blog Engage, my blog listing grew too big. I Spent so much time just trying navigate through my bookmark system that I never could keep up with […]

17 Must-Follow SEO Blogs

As an SEO consultant, I am always looking for more information, tips, news and other ways to help with search engine optimization. I find that the best way to learn about SEO and the search engine business is through SEO blogs and search engine journals.  Most of my current knowledge on SEO and improving search […]

Little or No Original Content: Does it Hurt Your Site Content?

As an SEO consultant, I know that Google Page Rank is affected by many important factors. One of the most important steps to improving  a site’s page rank in Google search is to have content rich information that includes keywords relative to your site  and/or blog post.  It is also important to make sure that […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 23th 2009

Today’s daily bookmark is a link to 33 free PC Utility programs. Check them out. You may find something you need there. The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC | Maximum PC The Windows ecosystem is filled with more programs than we will ever need. But while you know to install essential programs […]

How to add Delicious Daily Auto-post To Your Blog

Over the last couple of days several people have asked me how to setup Delicious to auto-post to their blog.  After several days of research and searching the internet for a plugin or s PHP /Javascript Scripts that will do this for me, I came up unsuccessful. Either they were not up to the standards that […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 22th 2009

Today I got pretty busy and I didn’t have the time to do much reading. Today’s link is important to all webmasters, bloggers, and SEO consultants. How To Use Wordtrackers Free Keyword Suggestion Tool | FMS The SEO Company This post is about Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool and how you can use it to […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 21th 2009

Today’s links are mostly Photoshop, GIMP tutorials and tools. But there a couple of links for new issues for the updated WordPress 2.9 issues that may have. The rest are links that I found important and needed to be shared. Design a Gradient Inspired Web Design in Photoshop | Three Styles (tags: photoshoptutorials) The 100 […]

How to fix WordPress Ping Once it Stops Working.

Earlier today I came across a blog post on one of the site I recently started reading I found through Blog Engage, The Site is Blazing Minds. Karen recently posted an article about WordPress and the recent release of WordPress 2.9. She states that  “after installing the update, every time I made a post or […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 18th 2009

Here is a list of list of links I found today. Enjoy. The Best 40 Photoshop Text Effects from 2009 On Monday past we published the post 49 Most Creative Photoshop Tutorials of 2009, a collection of the best artistic tutorials for Photoshop from this year. As a follow up to that post, today we […]

What is Posterous and Why I Use It

About a month ago, I stumbled on a new social media site called Posterous. What is posterous? Taken from Posterous’ website; “Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email us at [email protected] and we reply instantly with your new posterous blog. If you can use email, you can have your own website […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 17th 2009

Free Hi-Resolution Paint Stokes & Spatters Photoshop Brushes Another important resource for designers are Photoshop brushes. Brushes not only contribute in beautifying our designs but they also save us a lot of time to come up with some of our desired effects as opposed to having to recreate these effects from scratch. I’ve created 16 […]

40 Stunning Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows Wallpapers |via Web Design Ledger

via webdesignledger.com I am always on the look out for new wall papers. These are some of best logo created designed wallpapers I have seen a while. Posted via web from evolutionary designs