Daily Delicious Posts Dec 12th 2009

Simple rules for good typography Here are some basic rules to improve your typography across either web or print. Of course, these rules are only to start with, and rules are meant to be broken. But if you want something to look neat, clean and generally well designed they are a good set to follow. […]

Finally got my new blog setup.

Over the last couple of days, I finally got my second self hosted WordPress Site setup, but with this one, I setup and configured everything manually and w/o help. I am still working on setup the look, plugins and the general look of the site I like. Currently I have the site up at www.evolutionarydesigns.net/blog. […]

A Showcase of Effective Minimalism in Web Design via Web Design Ledger

via webdesignledger.com “Minimalism in web design is all about stripping things down to only the necessities – so there is nothing in the way of the content. You’ll find that minimal designs have a focus on typography, simple layouts, and a lack of fancy design elements. So what makes an effective minimal web design? Effective […]

40+ Impressive Examples of Lightning Photography | Naldz Graphics

via naldzgraphics.net “Ever been on an all-out storm complete with thunder, lightning, rain and strong winds? For sure, you have… But have you looked out and witnessed such display of Mother Nature? Amazingly, these phenomena can produce such unique images when captured on film.” I found this post about nature’s light show. Enjoy…. Posted via […]