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Fresh and New PhotoShop Tutorials Created in October

Its the end of the month and there are some new PhotoShop Tutorials available to try out. There have already been several site sharing lists, so I thought I would share some of my favorites and ones that will be more useful for everyday users and those interested in learning Photoshop. This month’s tutorials were […]

How To Fade An Image Into The background With Adobe Photoshop CS4

Have you ever created or found that perfect background image but it just wouldn’t work on your website or your design project because you couldn’t repeat the pattern or just looked” funny” when the background image met the background color? Or have you ever wanted to learn how to fade images so it looks like […]

Tools I use for Designing and Blogging

Recently, I have had several readers ask me what tools I use for my design work and blog work. Today, I thought I would share those tools with my readers. As a designer and blogger, I use a wide variety of tools. Some of those are expensive and some are free. First, I want to […]

Insights WordPress Plugin Reveiw

Even though I spend most of time designing, I am still a blogger. As a blogger, I am constantly looking for ways to streamline my content creation and find the multimedia needed for each article. For me this is the worst part, of the article creation process. There are a variety places to find what […]

GrowMaps Anti-Spambot is a Better Way to Combat Comment Spam

Today, I found out about a new Anti-spam plugin released by Growmap, and Andy of Commentluv. As of yesterday the new plugin was released to the WordPress Directory! I have been waiting for better spam fitting tools for a while, and think this plugin may be the one! What I like about this plugin is, […]

11 Killer Examples of Captain America FanArt

Comic books were never a big part of my life, but I was a big fan of superheroes and comic book characters. I read comic books whenever I could or watched the cartoons as a child. As an adult, I love comic books for their art and what it does for the digital art community […]

Issues with Posting!

Last Friday I was having issues with posting a certain post. You may have gotten my dead links from Twitter, or any of the other places I post my RSS. I am sorry about that. First, let me explain what happened and why I am a bit frustrated with WordPress and LiveWriter. When I create […]