5 Free High Quality Metallic Textures

Once again it’s time for the weekly design resource. This week we have another free high quality texture around up. But this time, I found 5 metallic textures from the texture community over at DeviantArt. These textures are all free and most can be used for commercial work. Make sure to read each creator’s rules […]

5 Free High Quality Rock Textures

Its time for the weekly design resource again. This week I decided to share another set of free high quality textures I created a few months back. This week’s textures are 5 rock textures that were shot just a few miles from my house. The first two are of a new retaining wall that was […]

3 Wood Bark Textures

It’s the start of the new year so it time to start of the weekly design resource articles. This week is another set of textures I shot at a local park up in Plano Texas, last spring. The textures are of tree bark that is peeling and cracked and with the right editing you can […]

4 Free Rusty and Painted Textues

These week’s weekly resource is a set of free textures that I shot over the last few months. I actually forgot, I hadn’t posted these yet. So today I will post 4 metal textures. Two of them are rusty and pealing paint textures and one is a rusty diamond pattern piece of metal. The other […]

230 High Quality Blood Splatter Brushes

In honor of Halloween this week’s Photoshop resource is a collection of 230 high quality blood spatter Photoshop brushes. All of these brushes are licensed with a creative commons. But some may not be used for commercial. Please check the rules for each brush pack.  High Quality Blood and Spatter Brushes Blood Marks Blood Marks […]

5 of My Favorite Brushes from BrushKing

This week’s Photoshop resource is a collection of my favorite brushes from BrushKing. These brushes are free. Some have requirements on how you use them, some do not. Before using them, make sure to look closer at how you can use them, if you are not sure, email the author and ask them. Photoshop Brushes […]

5 Beautifully Designed Grunge Seamless Texture and Pattern Packs

I have decided to change up Texture Wednesdays a little. To avoid repeating texture packs and individual textures collections, I have decided to share other design resources on Wednesdays as well. So if I haven’t found a great set of textures to share with you, I will create a collection of patterns, Photoshop actions, brushes, […]

55 High Quality Vintage Paper Textures

This week’s free high quality textures come from Brusheezy. Brusheezy is a site designed to share and promote your Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources. After adding all the textures to the round up, I noticed they are all by the same artist, witchy_13, who has a lot of great texture packs shared. For more […]

5 Free High Quality Paint Splatter and Spill Textures

This week’s textures are from several different sites and they are all paint splatters and spills.  All of them have creative commons licenses but make sure to check each sites rules. Some may require credit or do not allow commercial use. High Quality Paint Splatters and Spill Textures Paint Splatter From BitBox’s Free Texture Tuesday. […]

96 Free High Quality Light Textures

This week’s weekly texture series is all about light textures. Instead of doing the normal five individual textures, I decided to share with you some of my favorite free high quality light textures packs from the DeviantArt Community. High Quality Light Textures All of the light texture packs listed here are free and are licensed […]

5 Free High Quality Concrete Textures

This week’s free textures are from Grunge Textures and they are high quality concrete textures. As mentioned in the last texture article, Grunge Textures offers free high quality textures for personal and commercial use. Over the last few weeks I have been looking for some great concrete textures for several small design projects I am […]

High Quality Metal Textures

This week’s free textures are from a great site called Grunge Textures. This site offers high quality grunge textures for personal and commercial use. While looking through the different texture sites for inspiration, I was drawn towards Grunge Textures’ metal textures. I found so many great textures and I decided that this weeks free high […]