Apple iOS 7: A Daring Design Approach

Now that iOS 7 is official, designers, developers, and the public are wondering what kind of changes are going to be in store for the general public. A new iOS version always comes with its new complications, bugs, and shiny new features. Whether you’re interested in iOS 7 so you can keep up with the […]

The Five Essential Ingredients For A Successful Website

Building a successful website is something that many people find difficult and elusive, and the idea that it could be boiled down to a set of simple ingredients is one that some might find hard to believe. Strange though it may sound though, it actually is possible to distil the essence of a successful website […]

An Informative Study on IT Service

Every day it gets easy to access information or to send information and we even refer to this time in history as the age of information and technology. Numbers of companies are coming are investing technology. They use it for everything. In the past, mostly larger companies would make the investment but nowadays even  smaller […]

Weekly Mash Up #29: Topics in Design and PhotoShop Tutorials

Its time once again for the Weekly Mash Up. Its been a while since the last mash up and a lot has changed since then. As I get things sorted out, there should be a lot more articles posted and hopefully get some more guest authors on board. This Week’s Mash Up During the last […]

WordPress Mondays: 8 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Site and Get More Traffic

Lately Google has mentioned that website owners need to be aware of how fast their site loads. Because they are aware how fast your website loads even if you are not. They also mentioned that if the site loads to slow that it could factor into your site’s search rankings. Image Source: Traffic Trails – […]

jQuery Resources: Articles and Tutorials for Developers

As a designer and WordPresss user I learn early on that I needed to more than just design. I found very quickly when modifying WordPress themes that you needed to know PHP and knowing a little about jQuery was also helpful. Even if you do know  coding but know how to add the code and […]

Thursday and Friday of Our Trip to Kelowna B.C.

Thursday and Friday was another busy few days, but for very different reasons. Thursday was busy, because it was the  last day of site seeing and Friday was spent traveling 6 hours from Kelonwa B.C. to Spokane Washington. On Thursday we ending taking a hike on Knox Mountain that was several miles up hill, took […]

Day Three of Vacation in Kelowna B.C.

Wednesday was another busy day of visiting the local favorites. As before, I won’t go into details about everything we did that day. What stuck out the most was, we toured Carmeli’s Goat Farm, St. Hubertus Estate Winery, Japanese garden, and boat tour of Okanagan Lake. If you are in the area visiting, I would […]

Day one and Two In Kelowna B.C.

Its now Wednesday night and we have packed in so much, that I haven’t had much time to post up all the great pictures and talk about a few of the places we stopped. Everything has been going well and we have seen a lot of Kelowna. During the first two days we went and […]

On Vacation For the Week

Well its that time a year, when my wife and I head out of town to visit her parents. In the past this wasn’t a big deal. We normally would head over to their house that was down the street for dinner or to visit. But two years ago, they up and decided they wanted […]

Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv Cash Prize Contest Is Over

Its finally over, I mean the Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv contest is finish taking new contest entries. As of Wednesday, July 14th, they will no longer except anymore entries. If you got your post in before the deadline, they will continue to post all entries until they have no more. The good news is, they […]