Archives for June 2012

A Look Inside Rich Snippets

If you own a website, then know that Google is constantly making changes to the search engine results page each month and because of those changes, its important to keep up with those changes. Most changes are not noticeable, but some are changes are noticeable. One of those changes was the addition of rich snippets. […]

17 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in May

It’s a little this late this month or should say for last month. Normally these tutorial features happen at the end of the month or during the first week of the following month. But with my current schedule, I couldn’t get the collection created any sooner than today. Anyways, here is last May’s Photoshop tutorials. […]

The Value of Blog Engage Syndication Membership

When looking for a product or service, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the value of this service/product and how could it help me?” If I find that a particular product or service that I like I will purchase it or add it to the wish list. Then I do my best […]