Daily Delicious Posts Dec 31th 2009

Tools every blogger and social media user should have. Adobe makes a great line of multimedia editors, but they can be expensive. For the causal user, its even worse.  Below are are some tools for everyone to use. What I like about these tools is I do not need to carry a USB portable apps […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 23th 2009

Today’s daily bookmark is a link to 33 free PC Utility programs. Check them out. You may find something you need there. The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC | Maximum PC The Windows ecosystem is filled with more programs than we will ever need. But while you know to install essential programs […]

Daily Delicious Posts Dec 17th 2009

Free Hi-Resolution Paint Stokes & Spatters Photoshop Brushes Another important resource for designers are Photoshop brushes. Brushes not only contribute in beautifying our designs but they also save us a lot of time to come up with some of our desired effects as opposed to having to recreate these effects from scratch. I’ve created 16 […]

30 Selected Calligraphic Fonts for Fellow Designers

via bestdesigntuts.com “Content, writings and fonts have very special importance in the world of web. And when the words are written in an expressive manner or design they give a brilliant touch to the whole content, and consequently to the web page. The different font styles and font appearances adorn the web and graphic design, […]