Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for WordPress, Design Resources, and Photographers

Its Black Friday and Cyber Monday time again and instead of doing several posts with new great new media deals, I decided to create one great list with all the great deals. I have collected some of the best deals on some of the best products and services in WordPress, web hosting, design and photography. […]

5 Things You Must Aim For When Designing A Company Website

You will eventually have to take your design work to the next level. It’s great that you can design nice looking websites your clients are happy with, but that is not enough. If you want to start making more money each site you design needs to serve a higher purpose. Every website is different, but […]

5 Android Tablet Apps for Web Designers

I have always appreciated people who are creative and add colours and life to otherwise boring life. But I respect and love more those who use high end technologies to add new flavours and sophistication to their art. Web designers are some of them from my appreciation list. If you are one of them and […]

Great Guidelines for Website Usability

One of the most important elements of web design is usability. You need to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable and easy time using your site. Here are some tips which will help you enhance your website usability. Image credit: Stock Photo – website development project on whiteboard 1. Take advantage of faces When people […]

How Using Video in Your Web Design Can Increase Your Site’s Popularity

Video has come a long way from the grainy, halting and slow clips that used to be common on websites more than 5 years ago. Increased access to broadband internet, better video encoding technology and the proliferation of extremely capable multimedia friendly mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are all factors that have enormously […]

What Can HTML5 Microdata Do for You?

If you’re a frequent reader of Evolutionary Designs then you’ll have seen James writing about rich snippets and semantic web markup before. For those of you not familiar with the terms I’ve written a brief summary below. If you want to get straight to the article then just skip the explanations. Semantic markup – meta […]

10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

What can I say I love infographics and its been a while since I last posted a collection of my favorite infographics. So today I thought I would share with everyone, some of my favorite web design related infographics. I found ten great infographics on For those that are visual learners, infographics are great […]

The Best Web Apps for Web Designers and Developers of 2011

As a designer and general lover of software and technology, I am always looking for new ways to make my life easier. When it comes to design and blogging, its no different. Lately, I have noticed that all these great programs can be resource hogs. They take up so much space and some of them […]

Dress to impress, It’s what I say!

I like to think of blogging like going out on a date or inviting someone into your home. First impressions mean everything to our human species. We make fast judgments on other people we see and come to conclusions of who they might be or what they will act like. These same first time impressions […]

Blog And Image Layouts: Get Them Right for the Right Impression

Your blog has to counter a heavy competitive stretch even from the first time that you develop your idea for a blog. Therefore, you have to build each step with enough perfection to warrant a click from your visitors. Much before you move on to advanced steps like developing the content or leaning on the […]

Top Design Elements that Make Your Blog Look Amazing

WordPress or not, if you have a blog you’re likely using one of several top blogging software packages that allow you to quickly update your blog’s look and feel. The easiest way is to choose a theme that has the look you want and install it. But sometimes you are using a heavily modified theme […]

ThesisAwesome Just Launched the Product Skin!

A few weeks ago my good friend Hesham from ThesisAwesome sent me an early copy of his new Thesis Skin, Product Skin, to test out, give him my thoughts, and do a review of the product on release day. After setting up a new test domain, setting up Thesis, installing the Product  Skin over the […]