Blog And Image Layouts: Get Them Right for the Right Impression

Your blog has to counter a heavy competitive stretch even from the first time that you develop your idea for a blog. Therefore, you have to build each step with enough perfection to warrant a click from your visitors. Much before you move on to advanced steps like developing the content or leaning on the […]

Top Design Elements that Make Your Blog Look Amazing

WordPress or not, if you have a blog you’re likely using one of several top blogging software packages that allow you to quickly update your blog’s look and feel. The easiest way is to choose a theme that has the look you want and install it. But sometimes you are using a heavily modified theme […]

ThesisAwesome Just Launched the Product Skin!

A few weeks ago my good friend Hesham from ThesisAwesome sent me an early copy of his new Thesis Skin, Product Skin, to test out, give him my thoughts, and do a review of the product on release day. After setting up a new test domain, setting up Thesis, installing the Product  Skin over the […]

Think Web 2.0 for Contemporary Website Design

The recent developments in website design have led to the ushering of Web 2.0. This phrase often comes up during discussions and deliberations about the Internet and website design. However, not many people actually understand what Web 2.0 actually means. The fact is that Web 2.0 fundamentals are being increasingly used in blogs, web applications, […]

Celebrate MOJO Themes’ 1st Anniversary with a Bundle of Premium Themes and Plugins for only $25

Earlier today I was looking through some of my favorite premium theme sites looking to see what’s new and see what themes are available for the different niche markets. When I arrived at MOJO Themes they had an announcement that they are going to be celebrating their one year anniversary by selling a theme package […]

13 Awesome Sites Using Thesis

Note: This article contains affiliate links. As a designer and WordPress user I am all for designing your own themes and having a custom look that no one else has. But for some, this may not be possible. This could because they do not have the knowledge to design their own theme or its not […]

Use HTML5 Canvas Element to Create Graphic Text

In this installment of the HTML5 canvas element I want to show you another cool graphic that you can use on your site. This usage of the canvas tool is a little different. Instead of drawing a graphic with shapes, you can use the canvas element to draw text graphics. I came across this example […]

Use The Canvas Element in HTML To create Graphics

I often see articles, tutorials and info sites focusing HTML5 and from those articles I see a lot of benefits to HTML5. At the same time, I get clients and friends asking me about what’s HTML and do they do they need it on their sites. To be honest,  you do not really or at […]

6+ New CSS Tutorials You May Not Have Read Yet

Over the last few days I spent some more time reading and studying a new list of SS tutorials. Every chance I get, read over CSS blogs and tutorials sites finding the latest CSS guides out there and learning what I can. Cascading Style Sheets are found in every modern website. As a designer and […]

30 Selected Calligraphic Fonts for Fellow Designers

via “Content, writings and fonts have very special importance in the world of web. And when the words are written in an expressive manner or design they give a brilliant touch to the whole content, and consequently to the web page. The different font styles and font appearances adorn the web and graphic design, […]

66 Excellent Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials | Tutorials | instantShift

via Interested in learning Web Design Layout using Adobe Photoshop, Check out these layout tutorials. -Enjoy Posted via web from evolutionary designs

A Showcase of Effective Minimalism in Web Design via Web Design Ledger

via “Minimalism in web design is all about stripping things down to only the necessities – so there is nothing in the way of the content. You’ll find that minimal designs have a focus on typography, simple layouts, and a lack of fancy design elements. So what makes an effective minimal web design? Effective […]