Great News! WP Reviews V1.1.9: Update now has Default Repeated Criteria Fields and More

Today my friend Hesham of Author Review and WP Reviews just released his latest update. Among other things, it has default criteria fields! Now you can create a new set of criteria for your reviews and enable them across new and old reviews on your site. WP Reviews V1.1.9 Update About a month ago I […]

WordPress SEO Premium 1.0

Recently Joost de Val released WordPress SEO Premium 1.0 the premium version to his SEO plugin WordPress SEO. WordPress SEO Although WordPress is a powerful content management system, it is a bit lacking with tools and features that should come standard with it. To resolve these issues, WordPress developers have written plugins to make the […]

2 New Themes Released on the Studiopress Market Place

Having a great looking website isn’t the only thing a website needs to be successful, but it’s a start. One of the easiest ways to have a great looking site is to use WordPress to control the look and feel of a site. The owner doesn’t even need to know web design, all they need […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for WordPress, Design Resources, and Photographers

Its Black Friday and Cyber Monday time again and instead of doing several posts with new great new media deals, I decided to create one great list with all the great deals. I have collected some of the best deals on some of the best products and services in WordPress, web hosting, design and photography. […]

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” Is Out! And it Updates While You Sleep!

That’s right! WordPress just released their latest version, 3.7. In honor of the great jazz artist, Count Basie, they have name their latest release as “Basie.” This latest version features some of their most important architectural updates. Here are a few of the great features added. Image Source: Count Basie Features taken from… Updates […]

Introducing ThirstyAffiliates, a Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin

Last week I did a review on PrettyLink Pro premium WordPress plugin for affiliate link cloaking. This week I want to introduce you to an alternative affiliate cloaking plugin by ThirstyAffiliates. I first became aware of ThirstyAffiliates almost a year ago. That time I had plans to purchase this great plugin since several trusted bloggers […]

Pretty Link Pro–The Ultimate Cloaking & Redirection WordPress Plugin

If you run a site that uses WordPress and your site uses affiliate links to bring in additional profits then this is the plugin in for you. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about when I refer to affiliate links or program, I will explain. Affiliate programs use personalized links that lets the programs […]

The Top 10 Selling Studiopress From June 2013

When it comes to having a successful website, it not only takes good and regularly updated content, you also need a great design that works with your content. To get that great design, most modern websites use content management systems (CMS) to administrate and to change their site’s design with minimal difficulty. These types of […]

WP Reviews Plugin – the Author hReview Plugin’s Big Brother

Do you like writing reviews, do you have a WordPress side that you write reviews or do you have a new WordPress driven review site? If so, I have the tool that can help attract more visitors to your reviews and help you rank better with the search engines. It’s the new WP Reviews Plugin […]

Top Reasons NOT To Use WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic tool and one that rightly has a lot of fans. Essentially,WordPress is a blogging platform and a content management tool which makes it exceedingly simple for anyone to create a site and to start uploading content to it on a regular basis. You don’t need to know anything about coding, you […]

Add Google+ Comments to WordPress or any Website

On April 18th, 2013 Google announced that they were adding Google+ Comments to Blogger. After this announcement, developers figured out how to add Google+ Comments to non-blogger sites. Recently, I read an article by Kim about how to install Google+ Comments on your WordPress site. She had some great information about integrating Google’s comment system […]

5 Steps To Small Business Photography & WordPress Success

WordPress is so much more than just blogging software. In fact, WordPress is a powerful tool for a small businesses, whether initially realized or not. In this article, you are going to read how WordPress can be a valuable tool for small business photography success. Portfolio Demo | Purchase As a photographer, there is one […]