11 of the Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

Its that time again for our monthly series that showcase the best PhotoShop Tutorials created each month. Instead of listing all tutorials created each month as some sites do, we only share those we feel are the best, our favorites, or will be useful for most of our readers. If you missed last month’s showcase, check it out here.

PhotoShop Tutorials

I can’t believe March went by so fast. There was so much to do and so little time to get all done. I am just glad I had time to check out this month’s PhotoShop Tutorials. This month there was a lot of great  tutorials. But, as promised from last month, I decided to share more advanced tutorials. So in this month’s “Best PhotoShop Tutorials” series I found a lot of cool photo manipulation tutorials. Most of these tutorials use a variety stock images, blending tools, and filters to create these incredible images.

For those interested in beginner PhotoShop Tutorials, please check out the last two tutorials on today’s list. If you are looking for something else, take a look at some the previous month’s PhotoShop tutorials

Create a Mysterious Fashion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

This tutorial uses custom brushes to create stormy weather, uses masks to save time, and adjustment layers to make changes to only parts of the image. This tutorial is for the advanced beginners and most of the tools used in this tutorial should have been learned during the basic tutorials of PhotoShop. Note: this tutorial was created in the last few days of February, but I did not find this tutorial in time to post it last month. I like this tutorial too much not to mention it.

Magic-Yielding Sorceress Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

The magic-yeilding sorceress tutorial shows us how to blend images, use PhotoShop brushes, and apply photo effect to create a fantasy photo manipulation. This tutorial is advanced beginner tutorial. Techniques used in the tutorial are ones that should have been learned in the basics tutorials.

Human Scarecrow – Manipulation Tutorial

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March The Human Scarecrow tutorial uses the pen tool extract targeted subjects from the background, adjustment layers and blending modes. This tutorial is an advanced tutorial, since the author does not go into detail on some parts of the tutorial.

Create an Explosive Flaming Poker Card Photoshop Tutorial

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

The flaming poker card tutorial is shows how easy it to create a playing card using different shapes and how to manipulate fire. This tutorial is a beginner tutorial.

Medieval Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

This tutorial shows to create movie poster using PhotoShop CS5 using the repousse tool and other techniques to get that 3D look. This is an advanced tool and you need PhotoShop CS5 to complete this tutorial.

Don’t Leave Me – Photoshop Tutorial

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March The Don’t Leave Me tutorial uses three stock images and manipulates them to create a realistic shadow effect. This tutorial uses the pen tool, layers, and effect to complete the tutorial. This tutorial is for advanced beginner to advanced users.

How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

apply-textures-to-uneven-surfacesAdding textures to a flat surface add an aged look can be easy, but try adding texture to an uneven surface. At least for me, it’s not all that easy in some cases. Check out this tutorial to learn how to add texture to uneven surfaces. This tutorial uses several different images and uses blending modes to create the above image. There is even a video tutorial for this texture tutorial. The tutorial says this tutorial is for intermediate users.

Create a Post-Apocalyptic Matte Painting

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March This tutorial takes a modern and still used cathedral and makes it looked as if it was abandoned sometime in the distant past. The Post-Apocalyptic Matte painting tutorial takes about three hours to complete and is for intermediate to advanced users. You will need PhotoShop CS5 to complete this tutorial.

Making a Superhero Movie Teaser Poster

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March This is a great tutorial for someone who needs to make a movie teaser poster. Making a Superhero Movie Teaser Poster uses the pen tool, blend modes, textures and a several images to create this poster. This another advanced tutorial.

Create a realistic rain effect

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March This tutorial was created by Javier of Designer Freelance. Javier uses noise, and motion blur filters along with custom brushes and blending modes to create this realistic rain effect. The realistic rain effect tutorial is for beginners.

Fluffy Clouds in Photoshop

fluffy-clouds-tutorialFluffy Clouds tutorial is a fun little tutorial where Abduzeedo teaches us how to make fluffy clouds using the basic tools and layer styles. This is very quick and easy tutorial and can be done in less than an hour. This a beginner level tutorial.

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