28 Killer Free Grunge Textures

This week’s weekly free & premium design resources is a collection of free for personal use high quality grunge textures that are useful for a variety of projects.You will find a mixture of wood, concrete, ink overlays and even some rusty metal textures. These are just a few of my favorites. Some of them are […]

7 Peeling and Dirty Grunge Textures Plus 218 Premium Texture Bundle by InkyDeals

This week’s design resource is a small collection of grunge textures that found on a texture site that I found earlier today. These textures are free for you to use – “Terms of use: All images found in TextureX.com are offered free to use for any personal or commercial application. You may not sell or […]

5 Free New Textures for You to Use in Your Design Projects

Its been sometime since I shared a design resource and even longer since one of those design resources was from the texture series. So Tonight, I wanted to get started by sharing a set of random textures I just released to DeviantArt and are free you to use. Please check the rules for each texture […]

55 High Quality Vintage Paper Textures

This week’s free high quality textures come from Brusheezy. Brusheezy is a site designed to share and promote your Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources. After adding all the textures to the round up, I noticed they are all by the same artist, witchy_13, who has a lot of great texture packs shared. For more […]

5 Free High Quality Concrete Textures

Hi guys, its been a while since I last did a free texture article. The free texture series a series that we try and do weekly, but with the lack of time and other great articles that were needed to release on Wednesdays we had to put the textures series on hold.  In the future […]

5 High Quality Plaster Textures

Hi everyone, its that time again for our weekly texture series. This week I was looking through some textures over at DeviantArt and came across some pretty cool plaster textures that I just had to share with everyone. These are just a few of the great plaster textures you can find on DeviantArt. Before using […]

7 High Quality Cracked Textures

This week’s texture series is all about cracked textures. typically you will find cracked textures in web design that is grunge or trying to get a dark theme. In graphic design, you might see these types of textures used to create building that decayed and abandoned. Sometimes they are even used to take pictures with […]

162 Free High Quality Rust Textures

This week I decided to share with everyone some of my favorite rust textures. In total you will find one hundred and sixty two high quality textures. All of them are free and have been gathered from different sites. Before downloading and using any of these textures, make sure to check and see what each […]

5 of My Favorite High Quality Grunge Textures

My Favorite Grunge Textures is part of our Texture series that we bring you each week. Each week I will post some of my favorite textures or texture packs I find in my travels across the web. This week’s textures are high quality grunge textures and were found in DeviantArt’s resource section. All of the […]