10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

What can I say I love infographics and its been a while since I last posted a collection of my favorite infographics. So today I thought I would share with everyone, some of my favorite web design related infographics. I found ten great infographics on visual.ly.

For those that are visual learners, infographics are great way to see the data visually. A great infographic will not only have great data, the creator will make it look good.

All images in the collection are only a clipping of the infographic. Please click on the link to see the whole infographic. If you are the owner of these images and do not want these images posted here. Please contact us so we can remove your image from the collection.

Web Design Infographics

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“We’ve all dealt with the typical web design client. We thought it would be fun to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the people who pay the bills: the customers who drive us crazy. “ Original Source: The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

Bigfork Norwich | DIY Website Review10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“Does your website need a facelift? Check out Bigfork’s solution to your web design issues.”

Mixed Feelings10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“Web design can be an important tool to engage your audience and build a customer network. This infographic shows techniques on how to cultivate emotion through web design through words, fonts and colors.”

Usability Testing10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“How to ensure your website and visitors achieve their goals. “

The Anatomy of a Perfect Website10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“Designing a website combines the best parts of art and science. Sure, you need to have some incredibly artistic and elegant designs but without a simple framework, the site will suffer some serious flaws. Following a blueprint will ensure great flow and usability. It will allow users to understand where they are while navigating and give them an easy way to get to the next page. In this brilliant infographic you’ll find lots of hints and tips on how a perfect website should be designed.”

What is CSS?10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“This infographic will also be interesting and useful for CSS beginners and will help them learn the very basics of this technology. And now please go ahead and see the CSS infographic itself. We will also be happy to know your thoughts about it in the comments.“

The whole web is confused by mobile10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“App, web app, native app, mobile site, mobile app, adaptive design, reactive design, responsive design. What!?! There seems to be a lot of confusion out there. What do all of these seemingly interchangeable terms mean for me? Whether or not you go for a web app or a native app is dependent on your audience, what you are trying to achieve, and your budget. Both options have their place in the right context.”

The Web Development Process10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“The web app development process can be an intimidating thing to take on. There is so much to do from wireframes to coding to design, so it is no surprise it is such a daunting task.”

Web Design Evolution10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“Websites have come a long way in the last ten years but remember when websites were neon green, with text in all caps and the hyperlinks in blue? Read on to see where the tablet-ready internet we know today came from, and what recent developments mean for the future of web design.

Top Graphic Design Careers Compared10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“This infographic that highlights the evolution of web design along with positions and the salaries that follow. The Internet is changing, so web designers, hop on. It’s your time to shine.“

All You Need To Know About Web Designers10 of My Favorite Web Design Infographics

“This infographic is a huge roundup of facts and figures about our fellow web designers. Learn everything you need to know (and more) about web workers from a single glance.“

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  1. Great pick James. A picture tells a thousand words. In particular I like the one that mention about the anatomy of a website. Can use that in presenting to web design clients.


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