Weekly Mash Up #27: Topics in Blogging, Content Creation, Design, Freelance, jQuery, SEO, and WordPress

It’s time once again for the Weekly Mash Up and it was a great week. It was so good I had a hard time cutting the list of articles down to only 11. But I did and I only choose ones that would be helpful.

This week’s Mash Up includes articles in Blogging, content creation, freelance topics, design, jQuery, SEO, and WordPress. All great topics and all worth reading.

Blogging Tips

10 Titillating Tips For Struggling Bloggers – Famous Bloggers


“I sat down at the antique desk in absolute agony, my groin screaming. My jaw was clenched tight as a drum. My fingers were curled as if I was shot…”

Content Creation

One Simple Way to Plan Great Posts, Step by Step – Daily Blog Tips


“Bio: Ali Luke is a writing coach and blogger, and writes a weekly column for DailyBlogTips. If you’re struggling to find time to plan and write blog posts, click here to get her free ebook “How to Find Time for Your Writing” “

Shorthand Words to Eliminate From our Freelance Switch


“I’m a writer. I like words. I also hate words. What people say in daily conversation rarely makes sense on …”


Usability Design for Online Web Forms | Tips – Web Design Ledger


“Designers aren’t just creating pleasing graphics for the Internet anymore. As a web designer you need to consider other properties of user interaction”


How to Know if You Should Accept a Freelance Job – Naldz Graphics


“In freelancing, you will surely find too many jobs to choose from. There would also be many clients who would ask you to work for them. Some of them will even offer you a big payment for your job while.”

Tips for Making Clients Read Your Emails | Articles | instantShift


“Email marketing is one of the in-vogue techniques in the online marketing world. Over time, it has turned out to be one of the best ways to interact with one’s, Daily Resource for Web Designers and Developers.”


Password strength verification with jQuery | Webdesigner Depot


“Many sites that require login credentials enforce a security setting often referred to as password complexity requirements. These requirements ensure that user.”


5 Ways to Ensure an SEO Campaign Fails – Daily Blog Tips


“Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, and he writes a weekly SEO column for Daily Blog Tips. Visit the company website to find more about its services, or call 781-999-1222 to get more information. …”

Four Tips for Improving Your SEO – Freelance Switch


“Search Engine Optimization—three words that can make or break your website. If you haven’t been paying attention on how to …”


6 Tips to Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Daily Blog Tips


“The WordPress engine is pretty efficient out of the box, but once you start loading plugins the performance and responsiveness of your site might go downhill. On top of that the consumption of resources might become too big, possibly leading to a suspension of your hosting account (especially if you use shared hosting). “

10 excellent SEO plug-ins for every blog | Webdesigner Depot


“SEO can be a very daunting task. With the help of plug-ins, this daunting task becomes a piece of cake. As we all know search engine optimization is.”

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