Mash Up #22: Topics in Blogging Tips, Development, Design, WordPress, Inspirational Art

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This week’s Mash Up has six articles and several bonus articles attached to the listed articles! The mash up includes articles I found helpful or interesting. As the title says, I found articles about Blogging Tips, Development, Design, WordPress, and Inspirational Art about Steve Jobs.

6 Great articles in Blogging Tips, Development, Design, WordPress, Inspirational Art

Blogging Tips

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Careful When Accepting Guest Posts
“Do you know that there are some dangers that are associated with guest posting? Most of the time people focus on the positive side of guest posting but there are some dangers that may be associated with guest posting. In this article I will be dealing with 4 reasons why you must be really careful when accepting guest posting on your site.”


11 jQuery and PHP Tutorials
“I been getting into PHP a little bit more in the past month. Just because I been working with wordpress and trying to make custom post and custom themes. I have listed 11 jQuery and PHP Tutorials that I have found useful and easy to learn. PHP is not something you will learn overnight but tutorials are a great start. Also check codex for wordpress very helpful when it come to coding for wordpress.”


5 Essential Rules For A Better Blog Design
“When someone walks into your office or shop, you have a few minutes to grab their attention and make them feel welcome. But when you’re working on the Internet you literally have less than 10 seconds to make them stop and look around. When you’re working online you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Follow these 5 essential rules for a better blog design and make sure new visitors stay on your site.”
Redesign your portfolio site in 10 easy steps
“Designing for yourself is one of the toughest tasks for a web designer. Grace Smith rounds up 10 vital steps you need to take to pave the way for a successful redesign of your portfolio site.”


Using WordPress Security Tools To Protect Your WordPress Site
WordPress (WP) is the most well-known blogging platform available today, and if you choose WP to host your blog or website, it is wise to play close attention to safety and security. If you are using your blog to help promote and brand your business and do not make security measures, this could very negatively affect your image and directly impact your customers. Even personal blogs are often attacked and followers can become victims when their personal information is compromised. However, there are a number of tools offered by WordPress that can help you secure your blog and your followers’ information.


A Tribute to Apple’s Steve Jobs
“Steve Jobs is probably one of the best innovators of our time and the news of his death has saddened the world. He may be gone but he has left us such a great legacy. He has revolutionized personal computing into both an art and a science. He has discovered ways to make computing much easier and efficient. His imagination and perseverance have inspired countless lives and his designs have definitely created a bond between peoples.

Words will never suffice, but along with the rest of the world, we are grateful for everything he accomplished. As a tribute, here are some art pieces inspired by Steve Jobs.”

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