A Good Landing Page Is the Difference Between Conversions and Failure

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In the world of fierce online competition, it’s often a well-developed and compelling landing page what can help you win your costumers over and give them a push to click that button that leads to conversions. On the other hand, a bad one might turn them away and leave you wondering what went wrong. In order to avoid losing battles to your competition, there are some design elements you can use to optimise your landing page to achieve optimal results.

Captivating Headline

The first thing your customers will see on your landing page is the headline, so you have to make it compelling. Regard your headline as a hook that will motivate you customers to stay. It needs to catch their attention instantly and generate interest in your product or service. There are several features that need to be contained within a compelling headline. The first one is grabbing consumers’ attention, as already mentioned.

landing page headings layout

The second one is informative feature, meaning that the headline should provide information about the product or service. You can add an image that will explain your product/service – surely we all know that a picture can say more than a thousand words. Finally, an effective headline should be short, since nobody will bother to read a headline of twenty words.

Convincing Subheadline

With headline comes a subheadline which shouldn’t lack in efficiency and originality. Use the one that will motivate your readers to keep going, which means that it needs to be persuasive. Here, you can write in more detail about what you’re doing, so it can be a bit longer.

Of course, the design matters, so make sure to opt for appropriate font and font size. Subheadlines are positioned underneath headlines and they are smaller, but still visible. With the right approach, you can experiment and achieve an interesting effect; for example, you can place the subheadline above the headline.

Organised Visuals

landing page visuals layout

Visuals are an essential element for creating an effective landing page, since a page that has only text is likely to turn off readers. The images you choose need to be related to your product or services, and of high quality. Additionally, your landing page should have an organised, tidy look, so avoid cluttering it with dozens of graphs and cliché images.

This graphic design services agency from Sydney has a great example of a good landing page – the design is eye pleasing, simple, yet not poor, and their services are clearly visible and stated, as well as explained. 

Call to Action

landing page call to action

Call to action is what will determine whether you should expect a conversion or a fail. An efficient call to action should contain several elements: it should describe what a consumer will get; phrasing that will motivate your consumer to take action and a reason why they should. When it comes to its design, it is advisable to resemble a button, so that your clients know exactly where to click. Additionally, it is an imperative for CTA to be eye-catching.

What to Avoid

One of the best ways to create a great landing page is to know what mistakes to avoid. Among landing pages listed as the ones with room for improvement is Chase landing page, since it’s cluttered, confusing and with inefficient call to action. Another mistake that you should evade is creating a page that resembles a search engine like SAP landing page.

This page consists of a lot of links, each of them representing a CTA, but none of them standing out. Finally, Lowes landing page is overwhelming, with too much information and too many discounts. They should have followed the principle “less is more” for achieving better results.

With just a few simple, but efficient steps, you can create a compelling landing page that will lead to conversions, rather than failure. Remember, the more time and effort you invest, the more clicks you’ll get.

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