Review: Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress

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Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress
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The Remobile Pro is the latest theme release by StudioPress and was designed with typography in mind. They use their expertise in typeface and design so you won’t have to worry about designing your own site.

On September 22th, 2014 StudioPress released another theme. Its called Remobile Pro Theme and it was designed with typography as key to its design.

A lot marketing and social media guys say content is king! I have to agree with that statement. Poor or lacking content won’t keep readers on your site. But so is have a poorly designed website. Running a website that was designed more than ten years ago won’t keep anyone on your site. Sadly, I still see a lot of sites that looked that were designed in the early to mid 2000s, if not earlier….

If your site is approaching five plus years, its time to look for a new design. If your site is more than a year old, you might want to look at updating its design. Get some new images, a new logo, maybe even changing up the content if it hasn’t been updated in a while.

In my opinion, content is king, but design comes in a close second. A great design that is modern, fast, user friendly, and pleasing to the eye will help keep readers on your site longer.

Next comes Typography,  a site should almost never have more two types of fonts in their design. It alright to have one or two more. But that should be kept for logos, tag lines, and company standards for certain types of documents on the site. Anymore than that, the extra fonts can through off the design of your site or ruin the design all together.

Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress

Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress


This is where the Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress  can help. latest theme release was designed with typography in mind. Their latest theme release was designed with typography in mind. They use their expertise in typeface and design so you won’t have to worry about designing your own site.

The Remobile Pro Theme comes with…

  • Landing page template
  • Mobile menu
  • Pricing table CSS

In addition those great features you also get the benefits and features of the Genesis Framework. The framework helps both the novice and advanced WordPress user/developer with securing annd search engine-optimizing foundation that will take WordPress to the next level.

Please note: In order to use the Remobile Pro Theme, you must have already purchased the Genesis FrameWork or already have it installed.

Final Thoughts

This is great looking theme, its simple, its responsive, and will work for almost any website niche. Its design looks good on your desktop, tablet, and even your smartphone.

For more information, to test drive, or to purchase the Remobile Pro Theme, click here.

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