9 Videos to Help You Get Started With Studiopress

StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesRecently Studiopress created a new site called Studiopress TV. This new site was created to teach others how to use Studiopress through the power of video.

With that in mind, and as a little Christmas gift, I have shared those videos all on one page in a way I think might be helpful for those new to Studiopress and those looking to increase their knowledge of Studiopress to build a better site.

Currently Studiopress TV only has nine great videos but they are adding more and they have a subscription page setup so they can tell you when they have created another create video. As they add more videos, I will share them here as well.

The Videos on Studiopress TV

You will find introductory videos along with tips and tricks on how to customize Studiopress to be more useful for your site needs. If you have already setup Studiopress and haven’t configured your SEO settings yet, you defiantly need to check out the short tutorial on SEO control panel. Once you have checked that one out, I would also check out he tutorial on backing up the framework for theme settings. Both these great tutorials are important and worth checking out.

What is the Genesis Framework for WordPress?

“If you’re building a website these days, you’re in luck. The Genesis Design Framework for WordPress is much more than a mere WordPress theme..”

How to Install the Genesis Framework for WordPress

“See firsthand how easy it is to install the Genesis Framework, as well as your first child theme. A beautiful website that works foryou is only minutes away.”

An Overview of the SEO Settings for the Genesis Framework for WordPress

“The task of setting up good, basic SEO for your site can seem like a mystery. With the Genesis Framework, that mystery is solved. Learn what the easy-to-use Genesis site-wide settings mean, and how they’ll help you rank better in search engines.”

A Guided Tour of the Genesis Framework for WordPress Theme Settings

“One of the amazing benefits of using the Genesis Framework is the ease with which anybody can change and customize core aspects of their site (layout, navigation, etc.) in just moments. This tutorial takes you through those Genesis Theme Settings.”

Create a Custom Homepage with the Genesis Framework for WordPress

“Sometimes you want — or need — a different kind of homepage for your site. With Genesis, you can choose between two general types of custom homepage structure, and then easily go to work making it all yours…”

How to Use Demo Content to Build a Better WordPress Website

“Rather than customizing your Genesis child theme from scratch, you can easily download demo content to your site that gives you a better picture of how things actually look and work.”

How to Easily Build Beautiful Columns of Content

“With a few simple steps, you can create content column classes for text or objects on any post or page of your site. And, as you’ll see, it’s a lot easier done than said …”

How to Create Content Boxes for Genesis Pages

“Custom content boxes appearing under the posts and pages of your Genesis site are the perfect frame for special announcements, promotions, and much more. Here’s how to make them …”

How to Backup (and Reinstall) Your Genesis Framework for WordPress Theme Settings

“Got your theme looking exactly how you want it? Good, let’s keep it that way by showing you how to back up your theme (and SEO) settings, and how to set them up again on a new or existing Genesis-built site.”

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