Weekly Mash Up #36: Topics in Blogging, Design, Freelance, and Social Media

The CommentLuv Plugin Its time for the Mash Up. Over the last few weeks I have read a lot of great articles and decided to share the latest articles since I couldn’t narrow down to ten great articles I have read since I last shared a Mash Up. So I found ten current great articles in blogging credibility, blog improvement, freelance service presentations, freelance, and social media. Haskell, and HTML5 history API.

I have decided to try something new and that was to add a community news submission option to Evolutionary Designs. Currently, I am looking into several submission options and way to submit those submissions to Evolutionary Designs. Until I have it figured out, you can submit your articles to the Evolutionary Designs Tumble Blog. There is a submit page where you can submit your original articles or great articles you find. But please only submit articles about design, photography, SEO, Photoshop, tutorials, freelance, blogging and business.

If your articles are approved, they will post live on the Tumble blog and then some articles will be added to the Weekly Mash Up. Currently, we are only approving one or two articles a day but once there is need, we will post more. So start your link building today, and submit your articles to Evolutionary Designs Community News.

The Mash Up

Take a look at the articles and tell us what you think of them. If you want your articles featured on our Mash Up, start commenting, sharing articles and talking with me on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. The more I know about you and your website, the better chance I have of finding you on the web. Another, great for us to noticing you and getting your article listed here, is by using the community news submit option.

Blogging Advice

Five Great Questions That Will Improve Every Blog Daily Blog Tips


“Have you ever published a blog post that just sank? Maybe you got one or two tweets and comments … or perhaps nothing at all. The best way to avoid this happening in future is to ask yourself five key questions. Get into the …”

Blogging Credibility and How to Acquire It – Daily Blog Tips


“If your intention is to become an authority figure on a topic, then both your online and offline credibility are important. The issue is what can you do to cultivate credibility and show yourself in a positive light?”


How to Present Your Freelance Services on Your WebsiteFreelance Switch


“When constructing the perfect freelancers’ website, you want visitors to know what you do the moment they reach your site …”

Why Doesn’t My Client Take Me Seriously? | FreelanceFolder


“Lack of client respect is a huge problem for many freelancers. I hear the complaint often, my client just doesn’t treat me like a professional. A client.”

Social Media

15 Ways New Freelancers Can Use Social Media to Boost Business – Freelance Switch


“Social media is a great way to connect with new people, including potential freelance clients. Having a presence on one …”

Social Media Trends Freelancers Shouldn’t Ignore | FreelanceFolder


As a freelancer, what do you need to know about Social media trends? Probably quite a lot. Social media is an important marketing strategy for most.

Web Design

What’s the point of favicons? | Webdesigner Depot


“When I start telling people about the importance of a favicon to their overall online branding strategy, they usually say the same thing: “Aren’t you taking this branding thing a little bit too far?” My answer usually goes: “Not if …”

Ride the Rails way | Webdesigner Depot


“It may be an over-exaggeration to say Rails will save your life, but the fact is that I have gotten more people to start programming through Rails and Ruby than any other language or framework. I think the environment as a whole is totally approachable for newcomers to programming. For instance, the community is rather homogenous and seems to be focused on the same goals. That really means a lot when it comes down to thousands of people trying to direct your attention. “

10 JavaScript frameworks to improve your mobile development


“Issues of cross-browser compatibility, screen resolution and inconsistent HTML and CSS code are things of the past in mobile development. Developers who are still grappling with these issues are far behind the times and …”

A First Look at the HTML5 History API – Nettuts+ – Tuts+ Premium


“The history object isn’t new; in fact, you can trace its beginnings to the early browsers from the 1990s. While it has never been based on a public standard, until HTML5 that is, every browser has supported its meager, yet …”

What is Haskell? | Nettuts+


“Being a purely functional language, Haskell limits you from many of the conventional methods of programming in an object-oriented language. But does limiting.”

If you are interested in the format of Evolutionary Design’s Weekly Mash Up, we use CurationSoft to find the articles, to copy the name, link location, and the first few sentences of the articles. I then add quotes and italicized to the copied text. The Free version only allows you use the blog search to find articles to share. But with the premium version you can find topics from at least eight different sources. So check it out today.

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