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Hey guys, its time for the Weekly Mashup! Each week I take some of the best and most useful articles I can find and share them with everyone. I do not share every great article out there, I share what other mashup articles have not. Evolutionary Design’s mashup has resources on topics in Design, Photography, WordPress, SEO, Freelance, Business, and Inspirational Articles. When I come across great resource articles for design and new media, I will also share them here as well…

Its a been a few weeks since my last Mashup, so I combined three weeks worth of articles into one large mashup. Normally the Mashups go live on Sunday Night, but last night night but, right as I started working on this article, a water pipe in the backyard broke at 11:30 PM and I spent a good part of the night fixing that. Because of that, I did not have a chance to work on the Mashup until now. Also, I will be heading out of town on business on Wednesday and will not have be publishing anything  until sometime next week.  I should have one my one more article go live this Wednesday.

All of these articles have a lot of good information and that can help almost anyone that owns a websites, works on website, or runs a blog/online business.


8+ Stereotypes about Freelance Web Developers–Busted

“Every industry has its share of stereotypes and web developers aren’t an exception. While poking fun of these stereotypes amongst ourselves is a fun pastime, it can quickly get out of hand when it’s a client or someone outside the development industry who becomes biased thanks to them.”

HTML5 Canvas Graphing Solutions Every Web Developers Must Know

“For today’s post we’ve collected amazing library, demos and experiments that uses HTML5 canvas element that produces a charting and graphing solutions. We also added links for further readings and a step by step HTML5 tutorials on creating charts and graphs.”

Why Designers Need Smart Marketers to Build Websites

“Web designers need smart marketers to make sure that websites are structured for the benefit of their clients, not just to look good.  My company has talked about this before (I highly encourage you to read All I Need is a Web Designer) – but I was reminded of it again in a lunch meeting with a friend last week.  The company recently went through a rebranding process, and as part of this process hired a firm to redesign their website.”

Concept and Inspiration: Design Theory for Web Designers

“Developing a meaningful concept is a crucial step in any design project… but it’s a skill that few people really take the time to understand and appreciate. Today, Ahmed (UI Manager at Link Development and Adobe User Group Manager in Egypt) is going to walk us through the creation of a concept and inspiration process. We’ll go through the process step by step, until we arrive at a successful concept to start our web design.”

Super Easy Typographic Portrait in Photoshop

“So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a really cool and super easy typographic portrait in Photoshop. We will use the Displace filter and some Blend Modes to achieve the effect. The whole process is quite simple but it might take you some time to add the texts and elements, but once you do that the rest is very straight forward.”


How To Stay Alive As A Blogger

This article is a short one about ways to keep on blogging and staying with with. The article is 4 four ways to survive as a blogger.

The 5 Best Ways to Get Regular Visitors

“Dealing with search engine marketing for a long time, make me realize a couple of things. One of them is that if you want great results, you need regular visitors. Such people will keep coming back to your website and hopefully visit it daily. This is something that you will need if you want to make your site more successful. It is pointless to get numerous unique clicks and not one of those people come back for more.”

What Makes A Blog Author Delete Or Mark Your Comment As Spam

“One of the problems that some people have when commenting on a blog is their comments are either deleted or sent to the blogs Spam section, this can be a problem for a legitimate commentator and when this happens it can be a problem for the commentator to get back out of the spam section or to get taken seriously, but why has the blog author done this to your comment?

How to run a successful design blog without sinking your design business

This is a great article about how one freelancer balances his freelance design company and run his blog without hurting is freelance business. The author gives us some great tips about how he does and I found them to very helpful. If you are trying to balance a career and a blog at the same time, check this article out.


Why You Need a Business Logo?

“A business logo is a necessity if you want to send a strong message about the authenticity and power of your business. Moreover, having a logo means that you are giving people an easy way of remembering you among the crowd of so many service providers. This is the reason why all successful companies have their own logo. And they are known and recognized by the logo they have. Think of Apple, BMW or any other famous brand. The first thing that strikes you is their logo.”

How to Design Unique Business Cards

“One of the most important marketing tools for your company is your business card. It is a part of networking and it represents the “face” of your company. This rule applies to companies, as well as to professionals that have personal cards and would like to properly advertise their services.”


Googles New Change Slapped My Blog and You Could Be Next

“If you don’t know yet.. Google has made a direct effort to now remove all sites/blogs that have duplicate content, which in theory will help ma and you that write “real” content to rank higher.“

Five Easy Ways to Boost SEO

“Excelling at SEO involves a lot of time and expertise, but there are some relatively easy ways to begin to improve your results. A lot of what Infamous does to improve search rankings for our listed companies is proprietary, but we’re sharing a few secrets today to get you started.”

SEO Mistakes To Stay Away From In 2011

“There have been some changes to the SEO world recently, some good, some not so good, Google has changed mostly for the better, and they plan to continue on this change for the long term.“

How to Design your Site Keeping SEO in Mind?

“Design your site keeping SEO in mind, so that when search engine spiders crawl over your site they’ll not only look at your flashy images or scripts, but also your text content, navigation structure, site speed, heading tags, etc.”

Social Media

Expanding Stumble Upon Network

“StumbleUpon’s network has an extremely powerful ability to drive bursts of traffic and if your content or sharing abilities can convince a few stumbles especially by those who have influence in the system, you can see traffic spikes of hundreds of visits or thousands in a single day as a result of a few "Thumbs Up" from fellow stumblers.  I didn’t realize how many people I could connect with from my other networks until I just started using the Find Friends feature on StumbleUpon last week.”

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

“It’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. From maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points, abiding by these 10 laws will help build a foundation that will serve your customers, your brand and — perhaps most importantly — your bottom line.”

Ultimate Guide to the New Facebook Page Design

“Recently, Facebook rolled out a major overhaul of there fan pages. We studied the new design extensively to see what was new and improved. In this guide, we will go through the Facebook page changes and their impact, from a design, usability and web development perspective.”


Free WordPress Themes, Shocking Facts You Need To Know
“A couple of weeks ago, I have stumbled upon an interesting analysis regarding “free WordPress Themes”. While this is specific to Themes, I believe that it also applies to just about anything free. Maybe, this is one of those moments that I should take the time to say that although there are a vast amount of “top notch” free something out there, not everything free is good and reliable. So when recommending something free, ensure that at the very least it comes from a reliable or vouched by a credible source. If you want to know, why you should never recommend anything that you have not used yourself or know of someone you trust that did, you will want to see this example.”


Terrific Winter Pictures

“I just went looking for the best winter pictures I could find and for our delight, I did find some terrific winter pictures, which I share with you guys. These photographers are really amazing, and you should all take a little time to visit their photostreams at Flickr. I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)”
80 Impressive Examples Of Urban Decay Photography

“Urban decay is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair. It’s essentially the art of capturing beautiful photographs of a subject that is inherently not beautiful, and – for those of us who live near a city – it can be an easy form of photography to explore. In today’s showcase, we have collected 80 impressive examples of urban decay photography to encourage you to head out to the derelict parts of town!”

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