Weekly Mashup #2

Hello everyone. its that time again for another article for new series, the Weekly Mashup. The weekly Mashup is a roundup of my favorite articles that I read over the last week and I found useful and should be useful to others.

I find most of these articles through blogs I follow and from those I follow on Twitter. I also find great articles from those that comment on this site. So if you are interested in me featuring your articles, then all you have to do is write good content, become a regular commenter on this site (making good comments not junk comments), and use the CommentLuv feature I have installed on this site, whenever you comment.

This week’s Mashup was a great one. There were so many great articles I read this week that I couldn’t share them all. With that being said, this week’s articles are about design, blogging, Affiliate, social media, SEO, and Inspirational

Design Resources

50 Free Tools and Apps for Web Designers and Developers

“I have split the article into the following sub-categories for easier browsing: General Web Development Tools, Web Typography Apps, Browser Tools, Web Site Analysis Apps and, finally, Productivity Apps & Tools. The apps also don’t include frameworks, Javascript plugins nor template tools, they are all strictly small tools  that can help with your development productivity.” This is a great list of design resources. Even if your not a designer, this is a great list of tools for someone who works on and maintaining a website.

25 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible

“Web accessibility is a vast topic and has become a field unto itself. But don’t let that scare you. Accessibility is not terribly difficult to implement. It won’t hinder aesthetics or impede interaction as some believe. It’s just a smart way to design and develop.”

Using the WebFont Loader to Make Browsers Behave the Same

“The WebFont Loader is a JavaScript library that gives you extra control over font loading. It was co-developed by Google and Typekit, and released as open source. The WebFont Loader works with most web font services as well as with self-hosted fonts.” This is a great resource for those wanting to add custom fonts to their websites. Its easy to forget that not everyone uses the same web browsers and not every browser displays your website the same. This article helps with making your custom fonts display the same for every browser.

How to Create Facebook Templates with Wix

“Website building platform Wix has released a Facebook application for the creation of Web pages that can be embedded inside Facebook Fan and Community pages. For those without any familiarity with the Facebook Markup Language (FBML), the application could prove quite useful.” This article is an introduction to Facebook templates and how to install one on your fan / community page.

Blogging Resources

7 Colossal Mistakes Bloggers Make – And It Is KILLING Them

“In this business speaks for something. Simply put, if you want to build traffic, keep traffic, and make money with a blog – there are certain things you want to not do. So, after all of these reviews, I want to lay out what I believe are the most common mistakes – in no particular order.”

Stop Stealing My Content! 

“If you regularly publish content to a small business blog or website, chances are good you’ve had your content stolen at one point or another. If you haven’t yet, just wait… your turn is coming. Internet plagiarism is an ongoing problem, one that hurts not only your feelings but also your website’s search engine rankings. So, what should you do to protect your content?”

5 Traditional Blogging “Rules” I Refuse To Follow (this is me ranting)

“Here’s the truth. Most bloggers are being controlled. Their articles, content, styles and brands are being dictated by the “rules” of traditional blogging.

Here’s the truth about traditional blogging – it doesn’t exist. Without the creativity, self-expression and freedom that blogging allows, blogging itself wouldn’t exist. So answer this for me, please…”

The Guide to Crazy Comment Personality Types – Part 1

“So in this series we will be looking at some of the strongest commenter personality types and how we can deal with them.”

Affiliate Marketing

Five tips for running a successful lead-based affiliate campaign

“Here are five tips for advertisers to help them to run a successful lead-based affiliate campaign.”

7 Ad Networks for Design Bloggers

“If you’re a blogger or a website owner in this niche you may be looking for a way to sell ads on your site. Here you’ll find 7 networks to consider. Many are invitation-only networks, but generally they do accept suggestions for new sites to be included in their network.”

Social Media

How you can attract more retweets: a 10-step guide

“I believe that some tweets are more likely to be shared than others, and that you can increase your chances of being retweeted by following a few simple tips.“


The Best SEO Tips And Practices For 2011

“Here are some SEO practices that we should be looking at for 2011. While many SEO techniques and factors have not changed that much, there are “new” ones that we should be keeping pace at, even if it is just to place it safe.”


Great Photography of Old Style Cars

“Buckle up and enjoy a neat collection of photos picturing some old style cars we find to be pretty interesting and let us know what you think about this collection.” 

Trucks Photography – This is a Man’s World

“This truck photography showcase is nothing but the hymn to power and manly design. Whether it is a cargo truck, moving tons of goods from one place to another, or a fire truck, called to suppress the fire, or an off-road vehicle, helping its owner to satisfy his appetite of an explorer, – trucks are always at the places we want or need them to be. Like a tireless titans, they help us daily – gratuitously and faithfully, to the very last move of the crankshaft and to the last spark in the cylinder. But before the moment of retirement, be assured, trucks will show their nature, temper, and particular charisma in full…”

The Underwater World of Corals

“If you want to enjoy the unbelievable diversity of forms, colors, and shapes of underwater life, there are only two ways to do that – either to grab your diving mask and catch the first flight to the Red Sea, Caribbean or similar destinations, or you can just view the below photography gallery of underwater sceneries with corals at the focus.”

Nice Bokeh! 45 Great Examples

“Bokeh is the “blur” in out-of-focus areas of a photographic image. This technique is created when parts of a scene lie outside the deph of field. The magic of a clean blur in the background of an image can make any subject pop.”

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  1. Great Mashup and thanks for the mention. These round ups are really great as they allow as to read awesome stuff that would otherwise would have been missed out. Off to read some while I am on the roll 🙂
    Thanks and have a great and productive day
    DiTesco recently posted..Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Membership site- And Profit From ItMy Profile

  2. Yet another great Mashup and thanks for the mention. I love roundups like these as they always give me the chance to read what I’ve missed out. Off to see others while I’m on the roll.
    DiTesco recently posted..Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Membership site- And Profit From ItMy Profile

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