Finally Some Time Off

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Last week was another busy one for me. Between work, school and working with my clients, I have not had much time for myself. To be honest, I was starting to get burned out and getting tired of not having a social life. So this week, my wife and I decided to take some time off from our busy lives and hangout with some friends and see a Dallas Mavericks game. We are not big sports fan but we love seeing a live Mavericks game.

So last Tuesday March 23rd, 2010 we went to see the Mavericks play the Los Angeles Clippers. The game was not the most exciting but we had good seats. The game was fast and we got to see some killer three point shots from Jason Kidd. Dirk Nowitzki was ejected from the game, from what I can tell, for mouthing off with the referees. Mark Cuban got a little upset with Dirk’s ejection but nothing happened and the game continued.

The time off was great, but the catch up wasn’t so much fun. It took me some time to clean up the pictures and make a post about it. I think the pictures came out nicely for a point-and-shoot camera. I used a Canon PowerShot SD960 IS using the Kids and Pets macro with a 8x zoom without a flash. Follow up with processing the pictures with Picasa 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

When you start to get that feeling of being burned out and can not think of new things to write about, take some time off and relax. Hang out with your friends, your family, or just get out of the house for a few hours and do not think about work. If you get burned out, not only do you suffer, but your work suffers.

What do you do when you need to take some time off and relax?

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  1. "If you get burned out, not only do you suffer, but your work suffers." I can totally relate to that James! When I am feeling burned out one of the first things that goes is my creativity. I find it hard to come up with fresh ideas. When I am feeling this way I unplug for a day and go to the beach or for a drive. I try to make sure that I unplug at least once a month to refresh myself.
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