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A Beginner’s Guide To Photoshop: Part 1

When I first got my hands on Photoshop, I was annoyed with it and even stopped using it for a while. Finally, after trying several different programs, I decided that if that I was ever going to be successful at image processing and photo manipulation, I needed to learn Photoshop since it was what most […]

SlideDeck 2 Lite–A beatiful Content Slider

Since installing Studiopress’ Genesis Framework on Evolutionary Designs, I have been looking for the perfect theme to fit the site. Currently Evolutionary Designs is using a variation of the CopyBlogger theme until I can decided on the right them for the site. The one thing that I have always wanted was to to have an […]

Five Free Rusty and Corroded Metal Textures

This week’s free design resource is five new rusty and corroded metal textures from DeviantArt. What I like about this week’s set of textures is the rust. I have always loved the way rust works its magic on metal and this set is no different. But what caught my eye for these images is the […]

78 of the Best WordPress Plugins for 2013

If you are wanting to build more traffic for your site, have a better site, or even make your site more user friendly.If you are running or plan on running a WordPress site, then this is the article for you . One of the easiest ways to add more features and functions to your WordPress […]

How Using Video in Your Web Design Can Increase Your Site’s Popularity

Video has come a long way from the grainy, halting and slow clips that used to be common on websites more than 5 years ago. Increased access to broadband internet, better video encoding technology and the proliferation of extremely capable multimedia friendly mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are all factors that have enormously […]

38 Free and Premium Wireframe and Mockup Applications for 2013

Its seems like only yesterday I was learning about wireframing and how it can help create a great looking and useable user interface. In truth, I learned about wireframing in some my basic web/graphic design classes. Almost all of our projects were created by first creating a mock using pen and paper. Once the design […]

How to Start your E-commerce Business

E-commerce has become more lucrative as more people turn to the Internet for their shopping needs. As a result, even the most traditional businesses have set up websites and begun launching e-commerce operations to complement their offline revenue-producing activities. However, modern entrepreneurs have also popularized start-ups that focus their attentions on the Internet, with little […]

133 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in 2012

So another year goes buy and it’s the start of 2013. Today I decided to share with everyone the last twelve monthly Adobe Photoshop Tutorials collections. So just incase you missed any of our monthly Photoshop collections, all of them have been served up for you to catch up on. If you are Photoshop tutorial […]

19 of the Best SEO WordPress Plugins of 2012

It’s the start of the year, so why not take your Website to the next level. If you are having issues getting the search engines to find your website, then you need to concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the new year. Basic search engine optimization for any website isn’t all that complicated and […]

An Informative Study on IT Service

Every day it gets easy to access information or to send information and we even refer to this time in history as the age of information and technology. Numbers of companies are coming are investing technology. They use it for everything. In the past, mostly larger companies would make the investment but nowadays even  smaller […]

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to search engine optimization, you have keep up with the latest changes to what you optimize your sites. Some changes aren’t so bad but others can destroy your site’s search results. And when that happens, it will take some time getting back on top. For 2012, it was an interesting year for […]

Premium Themes, Styles and Customizing WordPress

WordPress premium themes are designed around the idea of transforming WordPress into a content management system and making it easy enough to change a website that the site owners don’t have to hire programmers every time they want something done. WordPress is currently one of the most popular options for content management systems and, as […]