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The Best Security WordPress Plugins for 2012

The one thing I see a lot of WordPress users doing is ignoring the security of their sites. I believe, security is as important as the valuable content you create for yours. If you ignore the security on your site, then someone can take control of your site, delete your content, or even lock you […]

10 Free Horror Fonts Just in Time for Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away so I thought I would do a fun article this week. So for this week’s design resource, I thought I would share a list of Halloween/Horror free fonts from Dafont and 1001fonts. These fonts would be great for that last minute Halloween theme design or an invite that […]

Weekly Mash Up #36: Topics in Blogging, HTML5, Freelance, and SEO

Over the last week,  I read some great articles but there weren’t as many as I normally read. Out of those article, I found seven great articles that I think will be helpful for everyone. This week’s mash up includes topics in blogging, HTML5/SEO in web design, Freelance, and SEO. New Community News Options For […]

QR Codes: Clutter or Vital Element in Business Card Design?

Anyone who picks up a newspaper or magazine should be familiar with the recent appearance of odd looking square boxes that continue popping up in business card design. These boxes are actually referred to as Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. QR Codes are similar to standard bar codes that appear on most consumer products; […]

5 Rusty and Peeling Painted Metal Textures

When Evolutionary Designs was first started, I had in mind to be a place to not only learn about new media, SEO, and blogging, but also a place to find free and premium resources for new media, including design, SEO, social media, wordpress, and photography. With that in mind, I am wanting to bring back […]

Weekly Mash Up #35: Topics in Design, Freelance, and SEO

Its been a few weeks since I last posted a Weekly Mash Up. During those few weeks since I last posted an article, I read some great articles but there weren’t as many as I normally read. Out of those article, I found seven great articles that I think will be helpful for everyone. I […]

The Faces of Link Building [Infographic]

Building traffic should be on the top of any web site owners “to do” list. If it isn’t, then your site might not be successful. The only sites that might not need a traffic building strategy might be a large company that already has a large following and their fans/customers are only waiting for you […]

5 Free New Textures for You to Use in Your Design Projects

Its been sometime since I shared a design resource and even longer since one of those design resources was from the texture series. So Tonight, I wanted to get started by sharing a set of random textures I just released to DeviantArt and are free you to use. Please check the rules for each texture […]

Automate Your Internal Links with WP-HypnoLinks

Are you looking for a way to automatically link certain keywords to important articles within your site or maybe just to automatically link your affiliate links by keywords you create? If so, I have a premium WordPress plugin you have to try out. WP-HypnoLinks As the same suggests, WP-HypnoLinks is a WordPress plugin that has […]

How Web Designers should Choose Website Hosting for Their Clients

If you are a web designer, you are going to have to choose between four types of hosting for your client’s websites; VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), reseller hosting, dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Not only do you (a web designer) have to choose the type of website hosting, you are also going to have […]

Review: Fanciest Author Box

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review for the Fancier Author Box WordPress Plugin which is a free plugin that creates an enhanced author box at the end of each post. Overall, it’s a great plugin but its limited in features. If you are looking for more design tools and other features to make […]