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Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Thieves

Your domain name is an important part of your website and if it’s the name of your company, than its even more important that you protect it from those that want to take advantage of you. Just think about all those hours you spend writing articles, marketing your content and building traffic for your domain […]

The Right Way to Ask to Guest Write

Guest writing is the act of providing articles (you write original content) to website that isn’t yours generally for free. You might be asking why you would you want to give others your free articles that you could use on your own sites. The simple answer is, exposure. By picking the right sites to guest […]

Use Hootsuite To Manage and Automate Google+ Pages

When it comes to social media, I’m very picky about the networks and the tools I use. One tool that I use, trust, use daily, and I recommend to anyone/company needing an easy way to manage their social media campaigns is Hootsuite. It does it all, it can manage your Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, LinkedIn, […]

16 Photoshop Tutorials Created in June

Last June had some great tutorials. So many great one it took me a while to look through them and work on work those tutorials. After looking through them all, I found sixteen tutorials that I thought would be worth sharing with everyone. This month’s Photoshop Tutorial Collection has a few entry level tutorials and […]

Hootsuite Adds AutoSchedule to Their Hootlet

Do you use Twitter? If not, why? Twitter is a great way to market your company, services, blog, and get your name out there. You can use Twitter as a way to share, communicate with your fans, friends, family, and network with others interested in same niches as you. You can even use Twitter to […]

Bring My Visitors Back–A Premium WordPress Plugin

If you have a blog that’s been around a while or even a new that is popular and receives a lot of traffic you might have noticed that there are sites stealing your content. Sites that steal your content do it in a variety ways, but the most common way is by your RSS Feed. […]

Woo Themes Celebrates 4 Years of Success!

A few days ago I received an email from Woo Themes announcing a special promotion celebrating their 4th birthday. Happy Birthday guys! Since I have been around WordPress and the premium WordPress design community. I have known about the guys from Woo Themes and have recommend their themes to my clients, friends, and family. Not […]

A collection Of Cheat Sheets that Every Web Developer Can Use

The one thing that annoys me about web design and coding in general is forgetting certain elements in the code or what tag I need to make the element in the design do what I want. When I am working on a project, I have several reference sites open, hand written notes, and coding lay […]

7 Videos to Get You Started with Adobe Lightroom 4

Are you a photographer, designer that likes use your own images for projects, writer that likes to use their images in their articles, or maybe just someone that loves taking pictures? If so, then you need a tool that can help organize, import, edit, and share images. In my opinion, the best tool for the […]

Author hReview Goes Pro

Back in January I did a review on a new plugin called Author hReview which adds reviews features that not only helps your review stand out on your site, but also helps it stand out to the search engines by adding rich snippets (review stars 1-5) to every review to created using the plugin. After […]