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124 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2011

It’s the end of the year, actually the last day of 2011! So happy New years! Anyways, I decided to share with everyone, all 12 monthly “best of” Photoshop articles so for those that missed out on all the great tutorials from the last year, they can find them all in one place. The Best […]

The Best Web Apps for Web Designers and Developers of 2011

As a designer and general lover of software and technology, I am always looking for new ways to make my life easier. When it comes to design and blogging, its no different. Lately, I have noticed that all these great programs can be resource hogs. They take up so much space and some of them […]

The Best HTML5 and CSS3 Cheat Sheets of 2011

Now that HTML5 and is CSS3 is out and many website designs and WordPress themes require HTML5 and CSS3 its a good idea to at least get familiar with the elements and the coding of CSS3 and HTML5. To do that you could always check out the HTML5 Resource collection I wrote back in May […]

11 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in December

It’s the end of the month again, so its time to share our favorite Photoshop tutorials created in December. This month was a great month for Photshop tutorials, there were so many great tutorials that we couldn’t list them all. So we grabbed 11 of our favorite tutorials. The Best Photoshop Tutorials from December This […]

Google+ Pages gets Multiple Managers!

Earlier today, I was checking out the Google Blog to see if there have been any new updates to Google+ and came across a blog entry mentioning Google+ Pages. Even though Google just released Google+ pages just a short time ago, they have been listening to user feed back and they added the three most […]

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

A few months ago I started using a new WordPress plugin called JetPack. Jetpack is a combo pack, it doesn’t have just one plugin, but has 8 great plugins all in one neat little package. And they are always working on adding more great plugins to the pack. As you can see from the print […]

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations Fantasy illustrators have the incredible ability to imagine phenomenal creatures and scenes and then capture their ideas on digital and physical palettes. Some artists enjoy fantasy design purely for their own pleasure, others create for the purpose of using for poster printing or canvas printing, and others are required to create […]

WordPress 3.3 Sonny Has Been Released

Yesterday WordPress released their latest and greatest version “WordPress 3.3 Sonny” which has updated the new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports. Now WordPress has drag-and-drop-uploader, hover menus for navigation, a new toolbar, improved co-editing support, and a new Tumblr importer. WordPress even added new a feature for those new to the software, will have […]

Weekly Mash UP #26: Topics in Blogging Tips, Design, Email Conversion, Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

It’s Sunday night, so its time for the Weekly Mash Up. Last week was a great week for new media articles. For this Mash Up, I decided to share eight great articles in Blogging tips, design, email conversion, marketing, SEO, and social media. How To Get Your Article Included in the Mash Up To get […]

4 Free Rusty and Painted Textues

These week’s weekly resource is a set of free textures that I shot over the last few months. I actually forgot, I hadn’t posted these yet. So today I will post 4 metal textures. Two of them are rusty and pealing paint textures and one is a rusty diamond pattern piece of metal. The other […]

The Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in November

It’s the start of December, so it time share with some of our favorite Photoshop tutorials from Last November. For November, there wasn’t as many tutorials as there normally are. So we only shared 8 of our favorite tutorials this month. When we share Photoshop tutorials, we do not share every tutorials created that month […]