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10 of the Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created In January

Its that time again for our monthly series that showcase the best PhotoShop Tutorials created each month. Instead of listing all tutorials created each month as some sites do, we only share those we feel are the best, our favorites, or will be useful for most of our readers. If you missed last month’s showcase, […]

Weekly Mashup #3

Hi guys, its time for the Weekly Mashup! Each week take some of the best an most useful articles I can find and share them with every. I do not share every great article out there, I share what other mashup articles have not. Evolutionary Design’s mashup has resources to topics in Design, Photography, WordPress, […]

Twitter Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Using Twitter is not only about creating guidelines and following those, its about tweeting content to your followers and engaging with them. When tweeting content, it should be relevant to your niche. If it’s not relevant then you could start loosing your followers. So in general, try and keep your tweets on topic. But at […]

5 of My Favorite High Quality Grunge Textures

My Favorite Grunge Textures is part of our Texture series that we bring you each week. Each week I will post some of my favorite textures or texture packs I find in my travels across the web. This week’s textures are high quality grunge textures and were found in DeviantArt’s resource section. All of the […]

Weekly Mashup #2

Hello everyone. its that time again for another article for new series, the Weekly Mashup. The weekly Mashup is a roundup of my favorite articles that I read over the last week and I found useful and should be useful to others. I find most of these articles through blogs I follow and from those […]

Guidelines I Follow When Using Twitter

Today, I that I would share with some tips and resources for new Twitter users and those Twitter users looking for advice on how to better use Twitter. This article will be broken down into two parts because there is simply too much information to list in one article. Part two will be posted next […]

January 2011 Google PageRank Update

Today there was good news for those that care about Google PageRank. Personally, I really do not care about pagerank that much, and I pretty much thought Google wasn’t planning to update the pagerank toolbar anytime soon. Google keeps telling everyone that toolbar page rank isn’t all that important and not to worry about it. […]

50 High Quality Wood Textures

As part of Evolutionary Design’s promise to help designers and website owners with new media design resources and help those that are looking for design help, we want to provide you with some of our favorite textures each week. The textures we share with our readers will be links to free and premium textures. NOTE: […]

Sunday Mashup

Earlier this week I decided that I wanted to start a new series. The new series will be a weekly or bi-weekly mashup of my favorite articles I read each week. I haven’t really decided when the best time to post the mashup, but I am thinking it should be Sunday nights, Mondays or on […]

An Easy Guide to Setting Up Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

After all the issues with Facebook and their privacy settings issues, I thought I would share with everyone how you can set your privacy settings and block those from seeing your private information or even filter out what status updates and images you add by setting up friend lists. Why Would You Want Privacy On […]

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Facebook Privacy Settings?

So when was the last time you checked your privacy settings on Facebook? Over the weekend, I was going through my settings and making some changes to the settings and profile. When I came across my privacy settings, I realized my settings had changed, or somehow I set some features to public. So I spent […]

Thesis Just Got More Awesome!

Are you looking for a new theme for your WordPress website? Looking for a theme full features and is already optimized for the Search Engines? Have you thought about Thesis Framework? Maybe you have already heard about Thesis and know enough about that it can be hard to use. Plus,  you still have to get […]