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10 of Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in December

Its that time again for another list of best PhotoShop tutorials created each month. This month there were not as many created as in other months. So I took a few of my favorites. I gathered tutorials that will teach you how to use blending tools, filters and how to use selection tools to pull […]

Its Been A Year Since Starting Evolutionary Designs

Wow! The year went by fast. It feels like only yesterday I started researching design niche blogs and if I would be able to do one. After a few weeks of research, I changed my mind and decided to go a little broader and start a new media blog. When I had started Evolutionary Designs, […]

Learn How To Use GIMP Like A Pro – Beginner Video Tutorials

Recently a friend of my mine asked me for help using GIMP or help him find another alternative to PhotoShop. When someone  asks for alternatives to Photoshop my advice always go with GIMP. But the reaction I usually get its to hard to understand, help me figure it out. I will be honest, I am […]

9 of the Best Alternatives to Delicious

Over the last few days the rumors of Yahoo shutting down / selling Delicious have been around the internet, Twitter, and other social media sites for several days and this has gotten a lot of Delicious users upset or scared that they are about to lose all of their bookmarks. This is the problem with […]

How to Avoid Going Pro With Hootsuite

About a month ago I wrote an article about Hootsuite Pro and what Hootsuite users who want stick with the Free version but still needs features of the pro version. In that article I mentioned different services that we can use that will do the same things as Hootsuite, but you have to use several […]

5 of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Earlier today I was visiting DiTesco’s site, iBlogZone, and I came across one his articles about a list of his must have WordPress Plugins. If you do get the chance, check out his article, he has some good ones on there that look very useful and I plan to test some of them and do […]

DesignGizer Social Bookmarking for Designers

Recently I wrote about building links through social media sites. One of the sites I had mentioned, I did not go into much detail. Several people have asked me about the site and what is it all about.  So today, I thought I would go into more detail about the site. What is DesignGizer? DesignGizer […]

Improve Your Website’s “Share-ability” by Having Better Content [Video]

For this installment of linking building strategies, I decided to share with you  a video from SEOmoz  about website content and share-ability. Why is content important to link building? That’s an easy one. If you have killer titles and have killer content to back up those titles, then your articles will be shared. If its […]

11 Killer Examples of Batman Fan Art

The first time I saw Superman on the big screen I was hooked on super heroes and super villains. Once I was old enough to read, I was reading and getting comic books whenever I could, which wasn’t often. I watched all the Saturday morning cartoons and Cartoon Network super hero cartoons. Now that I […]

MMO Social Network Gets A Facelift

For those that have been following my latest posts, I have been doing a series on building backlinks , during my lastest post, I mentioned social bookmarking sites such as MMO and Blog Engage as great ways to build backlinks and traffic back to your site. Earlier today, I logged into MMO to submit another […]

7 Tactics To Do Before You Start an SEO Campaign That will Help You Do Better SEO

Over the Holidays I had some extra time to catch up on my SEO studies and I came across a video on SEOMoz about tactics that an everyone that does SEO should do before start working on SEO for a sites. Even if you are working on a site and won’t be launching a new […]

Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in November

Wow, it was another busy month. Between work, projects, school and family visiting for the holidays, the month went by fast. Its little a late but I thought I would go ahead and post another “best of Photoshop tutorial collection” for last month. November was a great a month for Photoshop tutorials. I found there […]