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Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in September

It’s that time again to share some Photoshop Tutorials! Today, I have compiled of a list of my favorite tutorials that were created or posted in the month of September, 2010.  This list has tutorials for beginners and advanced users.  I have gathered these tutorials from some of my favorite design sites . New Tutorials […]

Random Rotation Ad Plugin

Are you an affiliate marketer or just someone who has a lot of adds to display but doesn’t have the room to display all your adds?  If you are, I have a fix for that. Check out Random Ad Generator Version 2. This is a WordPress Plugin that randomly displays your ad code for you. […]

Twitter’s "onMouseOver" incident Resolved

Earlier this week I reported a security flaw with "onMouseOver" links on the website only caused third party websites to popup whenever a user mousedover certain links. A few minutes ago, I was checking on Twitter’s blog to see what the status was on the security flaw and see if they made a statement as […]

10 of My Favorite Infographics

Infographics also know as information graphics  are visual representations of knowledge or data. The infogrpahics can give small or complex amounts of information quickly for a reader to look at. Examples of these graphics can be seen on signs, maps, electrical schematics and almost anything you want to use a infographic. If you can write […]

Caution: Twitter Mousover Security Flaw

Earlier today  Sophos website released a warning about Twitter mouseover and how some users are exploiting a new security flaw using mouseovers. This exploit causes popups and thirdparty websites to popup in your browser by just moving your mouse over the link. Right now most users are using the exploit to create a rainbow effect […]

Separating your Social Profiles: Professional or Personal?

Social media sites have surpassed television as a way to spend time, but they also present a number of great opportunities for businesses to stay in touch with their clientele. Having a strong social media presence today is comparable to having active television ad campaigns in the past. If you plan to incorporate social networking […]

The New Twitter, Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the new Twitter? Earlier this week Twitter announced that the starting Tuesday 14th, 2010 they are rolling out  a new Twitter that would slowly be released over the next few weeks. And no, I am not one of the lucky few that get to test this out. But one I get […]

Use HTML5 Canvas Element to Create Graphic Text

In this installment of the HTML5 canvas element I want to show you another cool graphic that you can use on your site. This usage of the canvas tool is a little different. Instead of drawing a graphic with shapes, you can use the canvas element to draw text graphics. I came across this example […]

Thursday and Friday of Our Trip to Kelowna B.C.

Thursday and Friday was another busy few days, but for very different reasons. Thursday was busy, because it was the  last day of site seeing and Friday was spent traveling 6 hours from Kelonwa B.C. to Spokane Washington. On Thursday we ending taking a hike on Knox Mountain that was several miles up hill, took […]

Day Three of Vacation in Kelowna B.C.

Wednesday was another busy day of visiting the local favorites. As before, I won’t go into details about everything we did that day. What stuck out the most was, we toured Carmeli’s Goat Farm, St. Hubertus Estate Winery, Japanese garden, and boat tour of Okanagan Lake. If you are in the area visiting, I would […]

Day one and Two In Kelowna B.C.

Its now Wednesday night and we have packed in so much, that I haven’t had much time to post up all the great pictures and talk about a few of the places we stopped. Everything has been going well and we have seen a lot of Kelowna. During the first two days we went and […]

On Vacation For the Week

Well its that time a year, when my wife and I head out of town to visit her parents. In the past this wasn’t a big deal. We normally would head over to their house that was down the street for dinner or to visit. But two years ago, they up and decided they wanted […]