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Manually Install Digg This to Your WordPress Theme

Earlier today I finally came to the decision that I wanted to add a Digg submit button the post page of Evolutionary Designs. Originally I really didn’t like the buttons, but after the redesign of the button and the site’s new look, it grew on me. In the past I used Digg Digg for Digg […]

19 Color Palette Generators to Help You Design Like A Pro

When building a site or working on a graphic design  project, make sure your color pallet has the right colors in them. Use colors that complement each other. For me, finding the correct colors for a project can be hard. I understand color theory but, when choosing those colors for a design, my mind goes […]

Guest Post: Design Elements That Will Kill Your WebSite

Anyone who knows me in real life or through cyperspace knows I love design. Design is a big part of my life. I left the world of tech support and research analyist projects after getting layed off, not finding a job that worked around my schedule, andgetting paid less than what I worth, I decided […]

CommentLuv has Redesigned and Updated the Plugin

Earlier today I was catching up on some reading over at Famous Blogger and I came across an article Hesham wrote about CommentLuv making new design changes to the plugin. The new changes include, bug fixes, updated badges, click tracking, and Dutch translation. Naturally, after reading up on the articles from Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv, […]

21 Killer Examples of Afro Samurai Fan Art

What can I say, I am a big fan of fan art and comic book art. I like to display it as wallpaper and I like sharing with our readers. So I am always on the look out for inspirational work or introduce to our readers to new digital artists. Most of these artist will […]

Hootsuite Has Introduced Freemium Plans

Earlier today Hootsuite annouced that they are now offering premium packaged plans designed for businesses and organizations, but will continue to offer a free verison for their customers. The packages are tiered to provide useful tools to as many customers as possible and provide advanced tools to those customers who need the business features. The […]

New Logo Banners Designs for Evolutionary Designs

I have been building and designing websites on and off for several years. Last year, I decided to take this from hobby to a part-time freelance job. Because of this decision and with gardener friend’s husband I became the Director of Sales and Web Designs over at Enternet Now! After, working with Enternet Now! for […]


Stress can be difficult for anyone. Depending on what you do, how difficult, and the amount of hours you have to put can add to the stress levels. For me, stress its from almost every direction, about year ago, I decided it was time, to start working toward what I liked doing, so I went […]

What is SEO

When I work with clients or talk about what I do and services we offer through Evolutionary Designs, I often get asked the question “what is SEO?” or “what is search Engine Optimization?” Once I explain, they ask “why would someone want that and pay for that service?” After answering so many times, I came […]