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Quick Tip: Learn How to Integrate Google Analytics with Hootsuite5

Recently Hootsuite released their new version of their Twitter client Hootsuite5.  In this version they made a lot of changes for the good of the client. One of the new features is the integration of Google Analytics. This feature is going to be asset to any web designer, SEO consultant, and anyone who maintains a […]

Quick Tip: How to Turn Off Auto ReTweets in Hootsuite

Recently Hootsuite upgraded their Twitter Client to Hootsuite5. During this upgrade they made some changes to how you can ReTweet someone’s status update. It looks like by default (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) , auto web ReTweets are turned on. When go to retweet,  you click to retweet someone tweet, instead bringing up […]

Twitter Users Have You Tried Hootsuit5 Yet?

Earlier today, while logging into Hootsuite , I received an announcement form the creators of Hootsuite announcing that Hootsuite5 was rolled out earlier this morning! So far, I love it. What this Means For Hootsuite Users Hootsuite developers made huge changes the Twitter client. They started with a revamping the HTML5 user interface. Hootuiste made […]

Back-End Solutions to Having a Quick Load-Time

There’s a long list of best practices for making your website load quickly. If you’re a design/interactive marketing agency, this is especially important. Often times you don’t have maybe have your actual website loading quickly, but other things are preventing it from being quick and snappy. A lot of these things have to do with […]

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Has Been Released!

Earlier today I came across an article on WordPress.Org that WordPress 3.0 was released. For at least a half a year, WordPress Developers have been working hard to get the WordPress 3.0 released and there hard work has paid off! WordPress 3.0 is available for download and if you already have WordPress installed then all […]

Famous Bloggers Largest Guest Blogging Contest! Cash Rewards Totalling Over $3000

Yes, you read that right! Hesham over at Famous Bloggers and Andy Bailey of  Comment Luv have set up one of the largest cash contests in the history blogging. Hesham and Andy with the help of a large list of sponors are out to help you make a lot of money! If you are up […]

Site Updates – Issues with Intense Debate WordPress Comment System

Over the last few weeks Intense Debate commenting plugin for WordPress has been giving me headaches. For some reason, the comment system is scrambling the comments, not showing all comments, and putting weeks old comments with brand new comments. So if you see any posts that seem to have a lot of old ramdom posts, […]

Does Your Site have an Error 404 File Not Found Page?

So does your site have a 404 Page Not Found page? If so, do you think it is helpful to your readers? If you are a WordPress user and have not set one up yet, then odds are you might have one. You can easily check and see if you have one. The easiest way […]

Add Search Functionality to Your Site

Do you have a search field on your WordPress site? If not, why not add one. Having your own search engine for your site will help your visitors find what they are looking for and keep them on your site longer. By using a search field, visitors can type in a set of keywords and […]

14 Useful Articles for Bloggers, WordPress Users, and Social Media Users

This week’s weekly round up is list of articles covering some of the best articles written over the last couple of weeks. The resources covered in this week is for bloggers looking for way to write more high quality articles, different ways to modify WordPress, and tips to be more successful at using social media. […]

Site Updates

Over the last few days I have made some changes and did some testing of few plugins and customization to my theme.  For those that follow this blog regularly, will notice that I have removed the Sexy Bookmarks social bookmarking plugin from my site and I no longer have any of the major bookmarking tools […]

Took Some Much Needed Time Off

It’s been a few days since I last posted. I normally would have made several posts during the week, but since it was a holiday weekend, my wife and I decided to take some much needed time off and take a six day vacation away from social media, work and friends. Of course, we really […]