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Free Market Research with Google Analytics

Do you know about the free market research available from Google Analytics?  Yes, free!  95% of businesses fall into one of two categories: They think that analytics is technical and just for the tech geeks. They installed analytics with all good intentions, and never bothered to look at the reports. If that is you, then […]

2 Highly Useful Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

An important part of Search Engine optimization is having a site. A sitemap is a page of pages on a website. The pages are designed to make is easy for the web crawlers to find all of your content. Usually sitemaps are setup to be hierarchical. Being setup in this fashion not only helps the […]

Quick Tip: How To Use GIMP to Easily and Quickly Color Correct and Image

Everyday, I see social media users upload images that need color correction. As a designer and amateur  photography fan I get turned off reading a blog or looking at images that are dull and boring. One of the easiest things you can do us a image editor and spend five minutes to correct the color […]

Top 21 Places To Find Royalty-Free Stock Images

One way to improve your blog is to add images. Adding stock images to your site will give your readers something else to look at other than text. When adding images to your site or project, make sure you have permission from the owner before you start adding their work to your site.  If you […]

How To Use Google Web Fonts on WordPress and Other Sites

Earlier this week Google released Google Font Directory and Google Font API. Google teamed up with Typekit to create an open sourced Font project. All fonts found in the directory are available for use on any website under an open source license and are served by Google servers. Once in the directory, you can browse […]

21 New Resources Covering Topics for For Designers, Social Media and Blogging

Last week, was an interesting week for me. I finally got my domain and site migration completed. My new domain register and web host is great, but the company left not so much. Sometime I will do  review of the company, but not right now.  Because of these changes I did not make any changes […]

6 Useful WordPress Plugins for Businesses

I think WordPress is one of the easiest CMS’s out there for any business to use. It may have started out first as a personal blogging platform, but in the past few years it’s evolved into a more functional and useful site. I’ve put together a list of some useful plugins businesses can use, if […]

Site is Finally Back UP

For those that follow me on Twitter, will know that the reason I haven’t been posting much lately was due to a domain name transfer and web host migration. The reason I decided to move the site and it domain register was because my original host was had a horrible c-panel setup, slow web server […]

Hootsuite Versus TweetDeck

Image via Wikipedia A few weeks ago Dennis Edell wrote a post asking for people to review both Twitter and Hootsuite. Originally this post was going to be posted over at his site Dennis Edell | Personal Coaching, due to issues, I decided to post it here. I have been using Twitter a little over […]

Intense Debate and Comment Luv is Working Again

Recently I wrote about Intense Debate deactivating CommentLuv due to a conflicts between the two programs. I have some good news for those that use Intense Debate and CommentLuv as part of their commenting system. As of April 30th, 2010 Intense Debate has reactivated CommentLuv. So far I haven’t seen any issues with CommentLuv and […]

21 New Resources for Designers and Bloggers – Weekly Round Up May 2nd 2010

Last week was a great week for catching up on some of the blogs I haven’t visited in the last few weeks. I was surprised at all the good stuff to read.  There were so many great articles that I could not list them all. I have listed some of my favorites from last week. […]

What I learned About Transferring Domains

Image by Getty Images via Daylife After a month of research I finally decided where I wanted my domains registered.  Last week I decided to go with GoDaddy for registering of my domains. Last Wednesday I started the process of transferring my domains over. After dealing with my current register, I decided to wait twenty-four […]