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Intense Debate + Comment Luv Down

For those that frequent Evolutionary Designs, knows that this site uses Intense Debate and Comment Luv as the comment system of choice. If you have been on the site in the last couple of days you may have noticed that I no longer have Comment Luv running. Do not worry, it will be back up […]

6+ New CSS Tutorials You May Not Have Read Yet

Over the last few days I spent some more time reading and studying a new list of SS tutorials. Every chance I get, read over CSS blogs and tutorials sites finding the latest CSS guides out there and learning what I can. Cascading Style Sheets are found in every modern website. As a designer and […]

Hootsuite Adds New URL Shortener Options

Today Hootsuite made some changes to the way they shorten URLs. Now they give the user the option between and as shorteners. has been updated to remove the social bar (high jacked browser frame and URL!) If the user prefers to use the social bar the user simply goes into their preferences […]

Site Going Down For a Few Hours

Later today Evolutionary Designs and blog will go down for a transfer. The transfer will take place sometime this this evening and will down most of the night. You can follow site updates on my Twitter account; @Element321. Correction, the Site will going down sometime tomorrow. I received word from my Current URL  registry that […]

Beginning jQuery Tutorial Links – Daily Delicious links April 22, 2010

For the past few months, I have been interested jQery. When I first heard about jQuery I only knew that it was JavaScript library. I wanted to know what it was, how it used and how it can benefit me as a web designer.  I found that “jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library […]

Get Your Website Graded by Website Grader

Earlier today I came across a free online tool every website owner and SEO consultant could use to help them build a more search engine friendly site. Hubspot is offering to help analyze your website for issues and grades your site from zero to hundred over your site’s marketing effectiveness. The test runs quickly and […]

PHP Tutorials For Beginners – Daily Delicious Links April 16th 2010

Today I spent some time going over PHP tutorials. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sites and tutorials covering PHP. PHP coding is not a strong point. My PHP skills are limited to editing and adding code to a WordPress theme. But I do like working with PHP and plan […]

Gmail Gets Drag and Drop Attachments and Insert Calendar Invitation

Yesterday on Google’s Official blog they announced two new features were added to Gmail. For those that do not use Gmail, Gmail is a popular email system that has been growing with popularity since its invite only release in 2004. What different with about these new features is that it was rolled out for general […]

WPtouch iPhone Styled Theme

Image via CrunchBase Today after reading a blog entry by Nicholas Cardot called The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2010, he mentioned a pluging called WPtouch iPhone Theme that helps mobile phone internet users to your site easier and faster than the normal theme that is designed for a regular sized theme. Nicholas […]

Design Resources for Designers Daily Delicious Links April 15th

Today I spend some time looking for resources to help with web and graphic design. I found  CSS tutorials , photoshop brushes, WordPress code snippets that might come in handy, and new fonts. Colorburned | 53 Incredible High Resolution Photoshop Paint Brushes “These brushes are not only good for roughing up or distressing your designs, […]

Daily Delicious Links April 8th 2010

Blogging Tips SEO Copywriting 101: The Keyword “Unless you have tons of relevant content, your site is well established in its niche or your products are for a select few, you’ll need search engine optimization. Not only is it “best practice” as far as keeping your code clean and your site in line, it’s also […]

Blogging Tips, DoFollow Debate, and Web Design Tips Weekly Round Up April 05, 2009

This week, I decided to change the weekly link love title and how I post my favorite reads of the week. I try and post links once a week on Sundays. The articles I post about, I feel, are some of the best articles or my favorites of the week.  But lately I have been […]