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38 Stunning Digital Nature Artworks Created With Terragen | Graphic and Web Design Blog

Earlier today I came across an article on 1st Web Designer. The is article is a showcase of Terragen and Vue Espirt artworks. Vue is used to render and create rich and realistic natural environments in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage. Terragen is another powerful tool used to render and create natural […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 30th 2010

Today’s post is only 3 links I found that I wanted to share with everyone. The first link is a list of SEO extensions for Google Chrome.  I am a new user to Google Chrome and I have been a fan since day one. But for development and testing I always use Firefox for all […]

Time to Get Back to Work After The Holidays

Most of the people I work with and know me in the real know how busy my wife and I are. During the holidays (November through January it get worse) can be stressful. During these months, we have relatives from out of the country, out of state, out of time, and friends from out of […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 28th 2010

Color Theory is important for every type of designer. It is important to understand color. Using the right color can make or break a design. Today’s post is from Smashing Magazine and is about color theory. If you have any questions or needing more information about color theory this article is worth the time to […]

Blogging Tips – Starting a New Blog

Starting a New Blog When starting a blog there are many things to think about. Some of those thoughts are, what should I right about, what blogging system do I use, how do I get traffic to my site and how can I get people to comment on my sites. There are some many different […]

How to Raise Your Search Engine Rankings

I just wanted to give some quick and easy helpful tips to help you drive traffic and raise your search engine ratings. Original content is key, search Engines love new original content! They hate plagiarism and duplicate work. If you are a blogger, then writing new posts every day would be ideal. If you can […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 22th 2010

Today’s Delicious Links is actually just one link today. This link has important information to help the automation processes you that you can setup on your computer to run after hours. These tips are important because if you were to do this during business hours or when you need to work on your computer, this […]

What is Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons and How Does it Work? Bloggers, designers, students and anyone else who wants to be creative, have you ever looked for that perfect picture, graphic or any other created document to use in your work, homework, blog or design? If so, did you check the copyright or if it had a […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 19th 2010

Today’s post is a small one, just two links. The first link is to how to increase your Google Adsense Revenue. The second link is for the the photoshop user. If you are looking for lighting effects for photoshop, this is the place to be. This site has a link list of over 500 light effect […]

Daily Delicious Posts Jan 15th 2010

As a designer and a WordPress admin I try and use every available to out there to help me in my projects. Having to know so many different programming languages, I tend to forget certain codes or what scripts to use. I find that  using cheat sheets come in handy. Today’s links are for two […]

Blog Promotion Another New way to Promote Your Work

Earlier today, Brandon Cox over at We Blog Better posted a a new article about a new Google User Group called  Worthy Of Attention. This group is designed to promote your blogs and blog articles, through social media.  Anyone can apply but Brandon has limited the group to 100 users. So if interested head over […]

165 Free High Quality Wallpaper

As a designer, I am constantly changing out my wallpaper. I am always on the lookout for new sources for high quality wallpaper. When looking for new wallpaper, the first thing I like to do is go to my Google Reader and check the design blogs I read everyday. Some of those sites will occasionally […]